Saturday, 16 April 2016

Lost & Found Things

My cat decided to escape on Friday. We spent the day thinking that Glasgow was hiding in the house somewhere. Though, after having searched the entire house for him. It became apparent that the little shit was not inside. My mother who is very panicky about our cats; who are scared of people and cars. She had made me recapture Mandela, the wild hunter of our cats and the first to made to make an escape from a window. I knew that Glasgow would come back once he was hungry. He's that sort of cat.

We drove around the new town-village where we now live looking for him. My mother swears she saw him run into a field behind our house. It was a bird and someone's garden, I know this because I saw the same bird on the way back. My mother gave up after an half hour or so of driving into dead ends of houses that he would never visit.

My mother went into the garden and I went into the house to unlock the backdoor. Something on the floor catches my eyes. Its a picture of Glasgow and standing up I saw the black white figure sitting next to the shed. My mother came in and said he wasn't there.

"What's that behind you then?" were my exact ones. She didn't hear me right and about a minute of me telling her to look behind her she finally sees him in the dying light. She moves back outside and unblocking the door. She stands at the top of the garden as I go to get him. He just sits then till I'm right next to him, then uncharacteristically he walks towards me and I pick him up. I take him back into the house to show that he had returned by himself.

My mother then tried to take credit for finding him there, which was just odd since it took so long for me to get her to turn around and look out the window at him. He left to wander around the house, now having escaped and brought back into my mother's fear.

I have no idea why after almost a month of living here, my mother still won't let the cats out considering that they too cautious of people and cars so unlikely to be caused harm whilst hiding from ducks.  She have to let them out soon.

I mean she lets me leave the house and I lost my phone and flat key all on the same day/trip. Yes, dumbest thing I've done this year. I did it on Wednesday. I was in the studio to finally finished filming R & J thing. Still hate Romeo & Juliet, especially with the comedy aspects cut out of it. I realised half way through the session that my phone was missing. The tracking device on my phone (google) told me it was in uni somewhere.

I then went home to see if I had left it at home and see if my phone was there. I then realised I had also lost my keys. They had fallen out of my ripped pocket on the way over. Great day I was having.  They both been found by security, so I got them back. Though, one of them was apparently found in the toilet, a place I hadn't went that day.

I had finally found my ipod the weekend before so this all felt I was being taunted. I have dropped my keys and phone before but had been listening to the music on ipod and hadn't heard them drop out of my pocket this time. Its all the ipod's fault. It hid from me and then cause me misery.

Just being dramatic. I left my phone at home yesterday so I have became careless with it. A love affair might be on the way out, especially as it keeps turning its self off.

To summarise the eventfully things of this week: I lose shit and I get it back because I am that way. I am finally got my stuff out of the old house except for a half-fridge that I'm not sure what's happening with it. The sheds are an other thing.

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