Saturday, 3 September 2016

Alpha Sapphire

My neck has been sore for a week. There is return in ache in the joint between skull and my spine. Lying under the surface of the skin. Its goes and comes back. With me when I wake and without me when I sleep, gone when I wake and there when I sleep.

Pains with no clear origin are the worst. I move my neck and it was there. I wonder if its there now because I'm aware of it and pain is a function of the brain. That being said it comes when I'm not thinking of it.

I have been playing a lot of Alpha Sapphire which without Pokemon of the front of it sounds like a Sci-fi game that has no plot and you're just fighting some bad government guys. Nope, just trying to catch magical animals then fight them against each other so they became more powerful animals with powers. They not really portrayed as magical but some of them apparently are gods, so science and magic. Pokemon are weird.

Uni is starting up again, which is just a thing that I will have to deal with. I haven't done much with my break from it. Wasting the days away. I am also currently lacking a home there, commuting and parking. I have ideas, urges to write but have. I also have this headache like my nose is blocked. My body is rebelling again. A growing paranoid that I have a brain tumour. Headaches and my speech seems to be getting worst. Probably not, because that's my fear of the betrayal of the brain. Tumour is the slow version typical of someone my age. Though, disease don't actually care about age.

It's probably that need new glasses (I do and eye stain causes headaches), and I've had messed up speech for years. Sometimes it hard not to wish for easier life. Green glass or whatever.

That's all for now, my headaches and I should do so many things. Sleep or catch up on Orphan Black.

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