Saturday, 12 September 2015

Foreign Languages

I am writing this on my new laptop in my new dorm room. I should probably be out socialising. Watching Sherk or probably unscary horror film. Instead I'm typing to you. Do I have much to say? Not really. I feel awkward right now amongst these new people who so far all from other Europe countries than my own. I haven't met them all, but this should be interesting. I actually think we have the makings of a terrible comedy.

It's not fun struggling to speak the only language you know. I would probably be terrible at speaking any language but then I would have an excuse I think I just heard fireworks. There is a popping noise outside but no colour. I'm starting to unpark and playing a game of what did mum put it this bag. Something sticky was one of those answers.

I don't what else to write. I'm going to continue to unpack and see if anyone is a life. This is sort, but I'm tired and stressed out a tiny part, though currently numb to the stress. I'm off to wander the halls barefoot. 

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