Saturday, 14 September 2013

6am Wake Up calls (getting up is hard)

Haló Loser, once we again I will soon find myself on a bus at 7 something on my way to college. This time I won't be trying to get a mislead HNC. It this meant to be like team sort of thing ran by the Prince's Trust. I actually lack a lot of inform of this thing, but it gets me out of the house. I think it be good as it has a work placement and in all my 20 years (er...), I haven't ever had proper work experience. Also 12 certificates and weird team building things. Also I might possibly lack real human contact, so newish people might be a good thing. Though, I could just start talking to my family more.

Friday the 13th was yesterday, so bad luck was had by none. Frankly, the number 13 is consider lucky if anything in my family. 13 June was the date that my sib received her transplant which is now of drinking age. I got a comic book, 2 books (I now own all of John Green books) and got Kobo mini. They were half price in Whsmith, I wanted the Touch, but they were sold out. I've been thinking of getting E-reader to get just read my free books (Netgallery and library bitches). I figure for 30 quid, it worth saving my phone battery and eye strains. I suppose it be good for those bus journeys.

I found Saturday the 14th to be bad luck if anything. When I woke this morning, my laptop was refusing to start. I got it to start eventually, however I'm scared to turn it off again. It reminded me that I really need to get a extenal harddrive to back up everything. I've been meaning to do it for years. Also I should probably catch up on editing all those waiting videos. Which reminds that I have to get my personal statement sorted. Then my sky box went weird and I had to unplug it to fix it. I sometimes wonder if I put too much stain on my sky box, but then tenner a month it should be able to handle it.

God, really not looking forward to getting up 6am again. I mean when I decided to do the course, I kinda forgot about the whole bus thing. I really hate that bus ride, it not just the length but also the windiness of it. It also not the quickest route but there no bus for that one that would get me to college on time.

Maybe I'll document the course week by week, so basically give myself a topic for the next 12 weeks. I'm not saying I'm guaranteeing that every post will be dedicate this alone. Just it something to write about. Oh yeah, for anyone who cares post from weeks ago will continue to appear randomly on this blog if you know what I mean.

I also started reading again, I even finished two books today and with long bus journeys I'll definintely be reading more or die of boredom; We're see.

See ya lot next week or accientally come across each other on the internet. Whatever happens first. 

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