Saturday, 21 January 2012

Family- Old Older Siblings

Had a double dose of Older old siblings. I have 5 older siblings in total with 4 that I refer as Old older sibling. Basically, this group are all 9 - 16 years older than me, while my Youngest Older sibling is only 2 years older (well, 21 months exactly) and we both still live at home. Today, it was the middle older sibs that came for a visit.

My oldest sister actually came yesterday and stay the night, while my Youngest Old brother (he older than all my sisters) has just came for today. They both completely have different views on family. Sis is very family ordinated while my brother frankly couldn't give a shit. He lies to us and visits in a three month bases avangly.

My mum would probably freak if she  saw I wrote this, but honestly it the truth. I don't care about my brother any more. He's hurt me too much for me to even attempt a relationship with him anymore. He criticized me for being myself. He basically said I was a Freak and a Fake. I'm not going to change for any one and I can't forgiven him when he won't even admit that he was in the wrong.

It not just the things he did to me, but the rest of my family, especially my mother. He been such an ungrateful bastard to her. Once, she went in hospital for major surgery and he didn't bother to visit her. However, if his wife family are even sightly ill a big fuss is made and its always nothing. Our mum is disabled and has to take painkillers every day. He doesn't even care.

I could really go on forever about what jackarse he is, but whats the point.

I said I would only give him his christmas gift, as this is the first time we've see him since November, if he got me something decent. It was only £2 Doctor Who magnet, it was still a gift I had brought him. He got me a purple hoodie with "I heart Vampires" on it. I know he never actually picked, she did. I gave him the double wrap, coated in tape on purpose gift and her nothing. Well, I haven't seen or heard from her in months after all.

I actually slept through most my sister's visit. Long week at school caught up with me, I know I see her before my next Birthday.

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