Saturday, 14 January 2012

New Year Resolutions and Goals

I don't really have any proper ones Resolutions, maybe I guess to cut down on the chocolate. I eat way too much, can't be healthy. I have more like goals that I would like to accomplish. Four to be precisely:

1.To read a book a week or the equivalent (52 books). So far I'm keeping this, you can check if I keep it at Goodreads. There do this book challenge thing, where you pledge to read so many books in a year. (Link to mine ) If I do it it will be the most books I ever read in a year, but I'll be happy just to break my last record. Though, I never actually attempted to read a certain number in a year before, I've just been happy reading what ever I could get my hands on since I learn to read (6 years ago)
2.  To bloody write more, it feels like ever since I've wrote anything creative in a while and I miss it. I just been so stress and had a major case of writer's block. I've also had a hard time with keeping up with everything in my life, but I plan to stay out of bad habits. I would like have a novel done or at least near done by the end of this year. I also really want to take part in NaNoWriMo this year, I never had time last year. It be a good way of pushing myself.
3. I guess is part of writing more goal. I want to write some sort of blog every Saturday. No matter, how short. I just to put something out there every week.
4. I want to do well in my exams, I don't want to find myself in the same situation in August and failed all my exams. Though, I know I fell into bad habits again, but I feel my grasp is better than last year. I truly, believe I will do better this year, but I do need to kick my butt into gear.

So that basically my main hopes for this year. I know I'm not where I expected to be last year. I'm not at uni and I won't be next year, but I be in the positions to go the year next. I think the extra year at home will also put my parents at ease. They just not ready for me to leave and being told that I'm not ready all the time, I've start to believe it too. I can use this year to fully prepare myself and decided what I'm going to do and hopefully sort some of my issues. I know how life can be so unpredictable so I'm not going to stress so much anymore. I'm still going to try and aim high, however, I'm also going to make plans if things go wrong.

Anyway, it given me more experience that I can use to put into my stories -and hopefully a novel very soon-and by the end of this year and all the other bad years do I have a lot it.

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