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Hi, since Halloween is such a special occasion to me and I feel I've almost negated it on here, I thought it deserved a Bonus Blog (it also happens to be Wednesday, possibly thinking of posting regular posts on Wednesday, if it happens it'll be next year). My last one was actually high quality, which is a rarity with my Sat posts, so I shall try to continue the trend.

Inspired by my recent discovery of I can not for the life of me actually remember how I stumbed on to it. It was possibly Youtube, but that doesn't sit right with me. Oh, spooky. By the way, you can find me as PhoenixAngel on it, only in the comments for the moment. Also stay away from the uncategorised section if its dark outside or on alone and like me have too active imagination sometimes. Though, still alive at the moment.

 I thought I do my hand at scary story for you all. I would just like to say that it been a while and I want to get back in the swing of these since my NaNoWriMo is horror related. Not telling till Saturday.


It was Halloween and April was stuck inside. She had the intention of trick treating, but this year the monster had brought a thunderstorm with them. It probably creating the most cliche possible setting for a horror story, April was just waiting for the power to go to out. It thankfully didn't.

Still April found herself staring out into the rain filled street empty of trick or treaters. Any of other night it would be a normal sight, this night it was extremely sad one for April. The only sign of what occasion it was, was the drowned out pumpkins and decorations that had been put out early. She gave a side glance at the pumpkin that shared the window with her. It crookly ginned at her, she still need more practice at craving them. But it was alright for her second attempt, she had only been allowed to crave her own lantern since the last Halloween.

Her mother hadn't trusted with her knife till the ripe age of 13. Her age was actually the main reason that the lack of Halloween activity saddened her. She was so close from leaving the age of acceptable trick or treating, well until she had kids of her own which should be a long time away. She really only had two more years until everyone would just make due with parties.

Halloween falling on a school night had mean all the parties had been. It kinda annoyed April that no one really made a proper effect to celebrate on Halloween unless its actually date fell on Friday or Saturday. She had though.

She sat wearing her costume, semi-concious of not rubbing her white make-up off. She had choosen to go that year as a bloody ghost as it was the only horror creature she had never been. She began to stare at the flashes of light, just willing the rain to turn off before its too late. It was half-past-seven and if it didn't turn off soon then they're would be no point going out. April sighed loudly.

"April, why don't you just eat our trick or treat sweets?" said April mother while watching the TV.
That was another thing that depressed April, they was not a decent horror film on. The only one she had found in the listing was one she seen, and it had been so crap that it wasn't even funny. She could go watch all the Cartoon specials but she had seen them all too and just didn't feel like it. She would rather watch the nightmare of a Halloween.

"Its not the same," April muttered. The joy of Halloween sweets was earning them by walking to all the houses in the local area, performing the trick of your choice and then sorting your haul to see what you got.

April knew exactly what they had in terms of candy, just the multi-packets and plain fruit. What April wanted was tabit or chocolate apple. Not toffee ones, they just hurt her teeth. Only the homemade was had good quality apples, the supermarket ones always just the bad ones. If she had known that there was going to be a storm, she might have tried making her own. Yet, she had no cooking chocolate in the house and the apples were bit rotten.

"Why don't you go read or something?"

"Good idea," April sounding almost cheerfully, before exiting the room. The night was about to get Only to come straight back with collection of Classic horror stories and took her place back at the livingroom window. April sat there very still reading, if anyone had past the window they would have thought that April was just a very realisic decoration and of course get a shock when the reading ghost turned the page of its book.

As tempting as is to end the story here, as a happy tale of how written horror saved the night. This is not where its ends otherwise itself would not be a work of horror.

As April was reading the thunder stopped, but not the rain. There would be no going out at all. April was no longer sadden by this, as she was lost in the haunting of an old mansion that had its inhabits spooked to the cores. She was interrupt with the flash of light outside before lights inside disappeared.

"Mum," April shouted in her presumption that her mother had turned the light off in exiting. April had been so in glossed that she didn't realised that TV had went off too. She turned back to the empty room as the lights flicked back on. Her mother must have wander off during an ad.

April look back at the street, it was in complete darkness. The street lamps were out. April was confused by this as the street lamps were meant to have a back-up generator.

As she scanned her neighbours windows for their power status. She noticed a figure walking along the street, she was shocked by this. 'You have be a nutter to walk in that,' she thought to herself. She continue to watch the hooded figure as it got closer to her house. Getting bored of their slow pace,she went back to her book, but the words seem bury now and she just couldn't make them out.

She rubbed her eyes and stood up from the window. She was probably just tired and going blind in her old age. She figured she probably tell her mother about it though. April was about to walk out the door when she heard a knock at the door. She was tempted to ignore it, but decided to answer thinking it would be petty important to be out this weather. 

The front door was in off side bit of the livingroom, it was cold and dark as the radiator was never switched on. April flicked the light on, but they refuse to come on. April felt a swell of panic inside her, she ignored it. She opened the door before she had the chance to freak out.

The door open revealed, a small boy dressed in black at the door.

"Trick or Treat," he whispered to the door. April stood and stared at the lone boy. His eyes and hair were covered by a hood. The skin visuable was pale white. April couldn't tell if it was make-up or from the cold.

"Do your parents know your out?" April ask sweetly. She figured the boy must have sneaked out, she had to admire his spirt for that, but he only six years and his parents must be worried about him. It might have been the wrong question to ask but too late.

The boy just smiled at April and said

"They're know where I am."

April bit her lip.

"I'm sorry, but I don't we have any sweets," Her brother had probably made off with them by now and were in the back of the house. It didn't seem right to leave the boy alone even for a second, however she didn't want to invite him in. "I don't think you're going to have much luck tonight. I think most people gave up with the rain."

"You're wrong, I'm sure I'll get my treat," the boy said in still a low voice. "Don't you want to go trick or treating?" He ask and held up his hand to April.

She look into the pale pam. She did want to go trick or treating. It suddenly felt like her last chance, as though there wouldn't be another Halloween...for her.

She took the boy's hand and went out with him. That was April's last Halloween. Her mother discovered her daughter's electrified body lying at the window. The thunder had turn to lighting and April had just been too close to the socket that was right to the window when it hit the house.

Though her neighbours did swear they gave sweets to a ghost that Hallows Eve.

The End

Oh, by the bye, I'm going as Death this year. Merry Halloween.

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