Saturday, 21 September 2013

Routine and Buses

Like I said last week I've started a Prince's Trust team thing course this week and it went a little like this.

So I actually got out of my bed for 4 days with minor complications. On Monday, despite having been still awake at midnight. I woke up at 5am, an hour before I actually had to wake up. Then when I got on the bus, it turns out that the bus prices have went up by 80p since I last paid for one (which was before summer) meaning I didn't have enough in change on me and mum didn't have any change either. Lucky for me the driver let me on for a student anyway. I mean I am meant to be getting on for nothing anyway.

The actually Monday was alright I guess. We get out petty early, complared to the rest of the college. So I don't actually have to wait for the college bus and get home early than 6 bloody O'clock. Lucky for me my mother is fine with picking me up from CD otherwise I would have wait for 2 hours around the college. I also worked out with the bus pass they gave me that I could literally just travel around Dumfries and Galloway all day like a homeless person.

I walked down to the town centre on Monday, but actually got the bus down the other three day. On the Monday there was this man who made all the boys wait until the girls/woman were on the bus. Now, I'm not sure whether to be glad or not that such manners still exist or be annoyed with the sexism. Yes, this really more of the sort of harmless sexism. I personally think everyone should calmly queue up and patiently get on the bus, which basically everyone does as this Britain and not you're not going anyway until everyone on the bus anyway.

We had first aid on Tuesday, we took coreskills test on Wednesday so apparently I'm now ready for Intermediate 2, what a shame I already have Higher B (I blame it on being Dyslexic as I knew the words were spelt wrong but couldn't remember how to spell whether or bachelor); we had terrible LGBT talk (okay, it was probably just terrible for me) on Thursday and on Friday I slept in because we don't go in on Fridays.

Like I said above, we had this LGBT talk thing which I hate. I always hate when I have contact with the LGBT. Now saying that makes me sound homophobic, but kinda the opposite. It just makes me so uncomfortable having to sit and listen to all these LGBT bullshit. I suppose it was better than my high school one which made me so angry. I'm not shamed or uncomfortable with what I am. If anyone was to directly ask me I wouldn't lie. I'm Biromanic Demisexual, its the label I like. Sometimes I do just say I'm Bi when I don't want to go into the whole Demi thing. Though, if I was a Homosexual, I wouldn't use the terms Gay or Lesbian because I really kinda hate them. It also bugs me that once again woman have a specific word, but still come under the only appropriate word for the male. Personally, I wish they was a word to say you're attracted to men and word for being attracted to woman. A hetero man and Homo woman would use the same word to describable their sexuality. I was also given a this wrist band that said "straight against hate" which made me super uncomfortable cause it kinda implies the wearer to be Hetero which I'm so not. We were given this elevation form and I'm wrote it was kinda Homophobic just to presume that in a room of 12 people that they're all Hetero. I know other "Queer" people are made to feel uncomfortable too by the LGBT talks. It really something they should work on. It like say sexuality is not a big deal but then go on to make a big deal about it.

I also don't see me making many friends on these course. Maybe I'm being too judgement, it's only been four days. I know I need to talk more, make more effect, but it just not in my nature. Who needs friends? Just have that one that lives miles away and fondly remember the times you had a sort of group that you saw almost everyday.

So that all for this weeks, which will probably involve less hot chocolate. I spent so much money at Costa.

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