Saturday, 14 December 2013

Panto Panic

I've had strangely busy week considering I had plans to do nothing. Well, except Panto rehearsal. On Monday I found myself driving up (I didn't actually do the driving) to Ayr to dump my sister on my other sister so they could go galavanting to the Hard Rock Cafe in Glasgow. We got decent Fish & Chips, went to Primark and ASDA. Just a few things I miss out whilst living in the Borders.

So I was sister free for like two days. On Tuesday, I actually did nothing, but it felt like I did something. It just not true. On Wedesday, it was my little brothers Birthday so that sort of family chaos. I also had a lunch thing with the Carer people. Apparently, they getting someone to just work with the Young Adult Carers. Right now we get lumped in with the adults but we like different.

On Thursday, I went into college for the last time this year to finish something and see about applying to this course. It turned out that my Personal Statement was already fine and I only actually need to say why I was applying. University Personal Statements on the other hand are nightmares and I look forward to writing one this summer as while filming that portfolio *brusts into tears*.  So I have now applied to college for next year and now I have "Advise Session" in February. Oh, what fun that sounds like *Rebrusts into tears*.

Everything else had been Panto related. Been in every night for rehearsal this week and tonight was the opening. So we had the first show, there some last minutes changes and issues. I messed up dances that I've never messed up before. We're doing Jack and Beanstalk this year. Its been an interesting experience so far. I will probably do it next year. Definitely doing the musical this spring which will be a fun and interesting experience as well.

I'm going to go now as I have to get up early to a show in the afternoon. See next week where I will be exhausted from 9 shows.

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