Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Day and Half without Power

I am now a graduate, no not the type with a degree or diploma. But I have so many certificates. Most of them useless, but hey I have them god damn it. Basically, this my complicated way of saying that I finished that Prince's Trust Course with a Presentation night that they like to call Graduation. It felt as meaningfully and as important as Nursery school Graduation was. Though, now I can no longer say that everything went down hill after Graduation (I have specifies it now). We all got Alphabet books which they no longer use to teach the Alphabet. I'm such a positive person, that must really show on this blog, doesn't it?

You can tell that I'm really inspired by this course to do great things with my life. Frankly, I'm not. Though, I now know what I'm hopefully doing next year if I get into the course, of course. I still have to write a Personal Statement thing and it's in high demand. So you know worrisome. I also might be a little over qualified for it. It basically to do more Highers so I can finally get an A. I plan to do 3 more next year. Should be hilarious next to the other five.

The presentation thing went fine we took pictures, people cried for some reason. We got terrible take-way. I order a large doner kebab, however, I received a tray of meat with a single, tiny pita bread, which I work out that pita bread cost a pound. So in summary, Fuck you Dante's in Dumfries, even if I lived in Dumfries I would never fucking go to you again. I get very worked out about my food. I mean the Kebab meat was still nice, but still I didn't order a tray of it. I knew I should have just order Pizza. I didn't understand why we didn't get Chinese or Indian, anyway.

We also had the opportunity to get our Hair and Make-up done by Students studying such thing. I took this opportunity by having my hair curled and make-up applied. I did now however touch my make-up with more colour.

We had went shopping on Thursday where we had got £50 off this other Trust to buy clothes for our Graduation/Interview wear. The boys all brought suits, the other girls brought party dresses/cat suits that there's no way you would go to a interview in. Though, in truth none of the stores in town really had anything at all. I mean if I had wanted to go down the party dress line, I saw nothing. I did get lucky with buying real leather brogue shoes for £6. There said were half price at £12. My family have it in their head that I have incredibly lucky just because I cleared out a School charity raffle thing one year. I think it more if you put yourself out there, you bound to eventually win.

Look at me Speaking.
I also won books (and minty biscuits) on Tuesday. I've been doing the British Book Challenge this year and there is a monthly draw of reviews entered which is of course a book prizes. I won November's which I was quite chuffed with considering that I didn't enter at all in October. Tuesday hadn't really been a good day, just little stuff that did it, though winning books turn it around some what. I was actually so depressed that I had actually already purchased four books before I had found out my winnings. I'm not really excited about the books I won, but that mainly to do with the fact that I never check out them out and I figure I just leave them till they arrived to see what they're about. However, any books make me happily, especially when they free to keep.

It strange I won this month as I've decided that December will be the month of reviews. I mean I'm planning to catch up on the books that I need to read/write reviews on. You know just getting all unfinished business over before the end of the year. These upcoming Wednesdays will have several books and you should enjoy that. I'm working on two right now and know what the one after them will be. also need to finish tidying my room.

The other major event of this week, was the fact that my house was without power for two days. Though, I only experienced a day and half of it as I had just left when power disappeared. I mean we had power issues before then. The power had cut out in the midnight of the night, I know this because I woke at 5.40ish to darkness. My TV was off and my alarm had reset so it was good thing I woke up when I did or I would have ended up missing the bus. Well, I would have been lucky if the bus had show up at 7.15am like it was meant to. However, it never showed due to the same reason we lost power and now have a fallen tree in a garden. I'm sort of going to miss that tree but it's a lost cause. You probably know that the wind was windy as hell and took down several trees/branches causing hazards on and blocking the roads in South of Scotland/something about the North of England. The power also briefly went off right before I left at house at 8.30am and apparently went off straight after I finally left for College. It then didn't come on till Midnight on Saturday. We had been told it would come on at 10pm on Thursday, then 6pm on Friday, then 11pm.

In the meantime, we had a lot of fun with fire and takeaways. We had MacDonalds, KFC and chip shop. We try to warm up the left over KFC by the Gas-fire (which was the only heating we had, really miss the Rayburn at times like that). I read Batman comics by Candle light and attempt to write a review by candle light before losing patience with the idea of work. BATMAN SPOILERALERT!(Though, I'm sure most Batman fans have heard about this already), I read the Death of Damian Wayne by Candle light, I'm just hating (not in the crap sense, more emotional pain of it) the whole of arc of Bruce grieving. It just so terrible. I mean Damian had start to grow on me but its the Bruce's suffering that really getting to me. It just so sad. I don't like and it the tiny stuff as well. Like cat Alfred sitting on his grave and stuff. SPOILERALERT! OVER!

I've made quite leeway with my pile of comics. I've Batman:The Dark Knight (which turns out is being rebooted as Asylum next year). I've got four comics left to read in Batman ones and then it Justice League and Superman action left. Well, before this month actual comic arrive. Though, I'm sort of annoyed with Titan as last month Superman has yet to arrived. I'm going to contract them about it because it sort of ridiculous how late some of the comics come. The last Dark Knight comic came a day early but that doesn't make up a Superman and Justice league one was sort of late too.

I also had to sleep downstairs on the couch due to the power cut as my mum has a thing about candles being upstairs. I suppose my mum has point considering how many books I have in my room that I would hate to see burn. Also all my other stuff is important I guess.

This week has actually been that eventfully. Next week probably won't be, but it certainly will be busy as I have Panto rehearse every night week and then the actual thing so I shall be rather tired by Saturday(a.k.a Opening night). Type to you then.

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