Saturday, 21 December 2013

Panto Happenings a.k.a I'm going sleep till Christmas

Hello peops, today has been a very busy day fro me as I had the two finials shows of Jack and the Beanstalk, so I be left at quarter to 2 and didn't get back till 11. Fun. I mean it has been fun doing it but after a week of shows everyday and another day with two of them, I'm exhausted. I'll probably sleep till Christmas.

Overall, everything went fine but there was issues. I messed up a dance in somewhere every night. The Beanstalk failed to appeared one night and on the last show the Beanstalk got caught up in the wires above it and was stuck there so didn't fall down with the giant. We were meant to be have smoke during a Thriller dance, however failed to appear again after one dress rehearsal. On Wednesday we had threats of power cuts during the performance. The road we normally take to the threatre was actually blocked with trees, we still made it petty of time. There was no actually power cut except for the planned fake one during the show and the lights flicking a few times in the dressing room. Another thing about that night was that a guy in a high vis jacket came in late, bit of a distraction but understandable with the weather conditions. The thing is he wore it through the whole show meaning the first thing you would see when you go on the stage was this guy.

We had banter and treat filled dressing room. We took in cakes, chrisps, biscurds and on the finial show we had homemade Bean theme cupcakes. There were lovely, but negated to get a photo of one. We also went out for a meal between today shows. I got ribs on mash, it was nice but it was not a half a rack of ribs. I had Hot Chocolate Fudge cake and could not recomended it from this perdicualar hotel restant.

I've been knitting a lot between being on the stage and that this week. I finally finished a bag I've been knitting since before I first went into Sixth year (though I do need to stitch it together). I've started on another bag just because I was in the mood to knit and couldn't think of anything else to knit. I've came up with idea (not completely by myself) to start a scalf the next show which I will I knit only in my spare time during the show and then the next show add to it in a different colour, so I'll be able to count my involment on the length of the show. I'll probably use green or maybe yellow wool for next year's musical.

That all I have to say on the Panto (or what I can remember at the moment about it). I'm aware that this is also the Christmas BookTube-Thon weekend, I had plan to take part but I've only read like 20 pages since it started and I'm so tired that I doubt I read much tomorrow. However, I will try to make an effect of some sort. Especially since I'm behind on my reading challenge for the year and want to conquer it.

That all for this week, I will see you next time when I hopefully be recovered.

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