Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Book Review: The Dead Men Stood Together by Chris Priestley

Have you ever pick up a book and wonder why you picked it up?
'The Devil is coming to your house.

Crazy words begin a gripping story of madness, demons and death. Home from the sea, a boy’s uncle entrances him with tales of life aboard ship and of foreign lands. Soon the boy decides to join his uncle on his next voyage.

A violent storm blows the ship off course and the crew find themselves marooned in a sea of ice. As their despair grows, an albatross seems to befriend them and restore their hope. But seized by an evil madness, the uncle kills the great bird with his crossbow, and so condemns all on board to unimaginable horrors, of which life in death is the greatest . . .

This book and me didn't really mix well. I'm not why I initially wanted to read it either. I think it was because I had been tempted to buy another book by Chris Priestley. It just kinda dull. I don't know maybe if you like adventures stories for the sake of adventure, then it might be the book for you. It just wasn't mine.

I think my biggest problem is motivation. I mean most of the event that happen because of one person, but I never understand his motivation for doing what he doing. I suppose it might not be him doing per say, maybe just puts things in motion for spite but doesn't actually know what his actions will do. I don't buy insane and kinda evil as motivation since he wastes a lot of his own time.

My favourite character was the Harbour Master's son. What a shame he was barely in it. I guess the characters all fine, but I didn't feel much sympathy towards any of them and their fates. Maybe the protagonist's mum, I have a soft spots for mums (Hi mum, though you don't read my reviews and I don't really want you on my blog at all. I wish to leave, if you reading this now. Bye).

I found myself rather bored once we got to the second half of our sea voyage. All of the bad stuff happening, just wasn't that interesting. It was bit boring after a while. I had to make my self finish the last half of the book.

I gave this book for teaching the lesson of not trusting strangers just because they're family and not to leave home (well, that's what I got as the morals). I gave it 2 out of 5 stars for dead birds. I recommend it to people who like adventure without purpose and younger than me.

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