Saturday, 22 August 2015


My parents have went and arrived back from Las Vegas. I now have the most annoying pen ever invented and will have fun with it using to use it for betting purposes. They had a great holiday but a terrible flight home. Delayed for hours and then had to take a bus to another airport in London to get home. It was a lot worse than sentences makes it sounds. They both disabled and Vegas is hella long flight (ten hours), then there's another plane to the homeland.

I have been terrible this week. I haven't filmed, reviews have went to the waste lines. My parents were gone and my sib sleeps till 6pm most days. This was the perfect time to film a certain video that I don't have space for in my room. Of course I didn't film it. Will have to get it done next week. I also never edited or wrote anything.

I never read anything. Though, I did buy all the books whilst my parents were away. They will never know that I brought another Library's worth. I mean they came up here and most of them arrived or were pre-orders so they will drizzle in. If I was really smart I would have sent them to my term address which I now have. Though, I'm confused about how to write the address.

 My parents being gone has confirmed that I'm ready to live in a different house than them. I want to be an independent lady who doesn't have hide her book addiction from people in RL but proclaims on the interweb and has say in her room about it.

I am off to cover my eyes with Urban Decay make-up. Well, the stuff that wasn't randomly stole from my parent's suitcases. My parents sure had great time in Vegas, if only they could have teleported home or knew Superman.

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