Saturday, 1 August 2015

Dizzy Filming

Remember, when I said I would have the first installment of a novel on here. Yeah, I never thought that through. I have been making a "film" this whole week and have not had much time to sit and write. I do have much time today either as I decided to film as I have not filmed the videos I should have this week. Also I'm doing Video Every day in August (VEDA). It not had a good start.

I updated my laptop to Windows 10 so my mouse reverse it's buttons and my video editor wouldn't start. I updated and reinstalled it for no reason as it turn out all I had to do was disable my graphics card to get to come on. However, I wasted tons of time doing that meaning I am going to be late doing VEDA on the first day so already a fail. My laptop hates me. I don't know shy BatSignal hates me so much. I mean I'm getting a new laptop and I am still planning to take it to Uni with me, because my love for it is too strong.

The filming process was interesting but problematic as always. It was a bit boring this time, especially as I never end up in the film at all this time. This probably a good thing as I always panic when on scene and I'm not in charge. I ended up on the floor again and I wished I had did the footage better and gave more direction. I started feeling dizzy so that my excuse for messing it up. We also had a homemade boom. I don't think it was worth as it ruined a lot of footage and most of the dialogue is going to have to be dubbed due to filming outside and in a large hall so echoing.

We edit it most of it, but it was slow process and a certain scene is going to be a nightmare to make look okay. I'm glad that I'm not in charge of that.

Anyway, I am now fleeing this scene to edit and trying to finish my current reads before the BookTube-a-thon starts on Monday. Write next time.

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