Saturday, 15 August 2015

To Edinburgh Again

I come to you from the past to tell you a tale of wore and wonder. That sure would be a great intro if I had anything to follow that up with.

I am currently on my way to Edinburgh. Sadly, not for the first day of the Edinburgh International Book Festival. I will not be stalking David Levithan. Instead I will be at screening of films that have been shortlisted and should have something about light. Don't you be a stalker. I feel hardly any of ownership of this film, there like one short or something. I filmed it. If we win, it's bagging rights. Also answering questions we don't have answers to.

I plan to give you an update later on today.


We won....something. Most Original Idea which I had hardly anything to do with but screw it, lets just pretend to be like person who that demands an Executive Producer credit and did nothing of the sort. Of course, in this case I actually worked on the film and its hard to know how much you committed to something when it's a free for all of creativity and knowledge of science.

I could link you to the now award wining film and maybe I will as my last name is in the credits, which I never noticed. I actually thought it had it but it doesn't. I just saw my first name and scrimed over the rest. I would like to estabished that I live in the middle of nowhere and this just shows that I do in fact live in the South West of Scotland.

What does it matter? You can find anyone if you really try. We won a GoPro camera which I will now try find ways to use it in the next film. We didn't know that the other winners got anything before we got there, besides Best Film getting a trip to Bristol and the experience interviewed where one of the questions being asked to define a short film which is a horrifying to asked anyone because really, the only answer is it's shorter than a feature film and a story will tell you how long it has to be.

It was really interesting to see other people interpretation of the theme.

Our filmed shared a lot of things with the other films which was funny.

Woods was a recurring theme, though that might just because we all lived in Scotland and how far away are you ever away from the trees. I am looking at some now outside the window. Another film  had the same letter effect for their title and narration was a thing that we shared with of the films. Also science and space was a thing that most took into account.

There was also one that had them burning a Robot. Silly post-apocalyptic, people, mental doesn't burn. It's melts or chars. That was also one of the rare, taking light as metaphoric light in the darkness. It also opens with Dumbledore quote as though he is a real person: "Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." 

Do I have a favourite? Hell no. I don't pick favourites, I just pick out the errors and cool elements which is why my reviews are a mess. Though, I liked our film better now that I've seen on a Cinema scene. You'll have to settle for YouTube.


I am now off to pretend to write or film something that can be edited into something interesting. Totally now going to sarcastically writing award winning film maker in my blurbs of everything. Na, no one would get the sarcasm.

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