Saturday, 26 December 2015

Boxing Day contains no boxes.

Happy Boxing Day, the British Holiday that confuses Americans the most, despite Guy Fawkes Night being a thing.

Christmas was fun....okay that's a lie. I came home on Christmas Eve after my sister and I once again missed each other. We should have came on Wednesday. We went shopping instead and I went for a nap and then never got up at eight. I got home at like nine, after a rather slow drive. My mother was not pleased. Saying we were driving to her the drink.

I went to sleep for a while. Then stayed up all night, watched Star Wars (the original trilogy) whilst waiting for the family to wake up. My big regret of Christmas was waking them up. Life would be more peaceful. My brother is autistic and it turns out getting him what he wants, is a way to upset him. He's always a brat, because he's spoilt and literally has too much stuff. Let's not get into it.

I am adult. I got a alarm clock and a fan that will connect to it. It one of those USB ones. I am certain that was not my mother's intention when buying both. I got 3 Waterstones cards so fun on the internet is to be had. No books have been brought, as there is nothing I want at the moment.

I have to leave now, because I should be reading. SO behind. The Cram-a-thon didn't work out and don't feel like the Booktubeathon. *reading*.

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