Saturday, 12 July 2014

Having an Empty

The parents have left us for a week, it's not a full one as they was drama about the car which has ended up with me having my own car that I cannot drive by myself. I really must start studying for my theory properly. Having the house to yourself is always awesome even when that house still contains a sibling and five pets. We messed with our parents by almost having them believe we had a party whilst they were gone.

We should be able to joke about that as we're both not really party, party people. Our parents ain't really jokey people which is strange since all their kids do is make fun of each other.

I haven't read much, mainly because I've found myself watching documents about the effects of WW2 with my sibling.

I left my computer in the living room, on this post and came back to find this written by my sibling obviously "It was at that moment I realised I was a very gay little boy. I went over to Adams house and told him. He said he was a gay little boy too. We were very gay together." I wonder why she never just told me and who is Adam I wonder.

It also the weekend of T in the Park and because I'm writing this on Saturday, it petty obvious I'm not there nor I'm going at all. *Sigh* There always the BBC footage and next year. Next year and a castle. I just have to enjoy the Edinburgh Book Festival and the castle that there this year, when it comes to festivals. T didn't actually look that good, it was very selective. The headliners are good but not much else.

It's raining outside right now, the bad person that I am hopes it raining at T. I went out on my trampoline, proof that you don't need to be a music festival to listen to music whilst jumping like idiot and become soaking wet due to the rain. 

I'm tired now and have videos to film (e.g. BookTube-a-Thon TBR) so I'm off to mock my sibling and enjoy a empty living room.

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