Saturday, 12 December 2015

Writing Terribly all the time.

Uni is over for the year. But it's also not. I still have two deallines to meet and panic over. I have tons to say and do. But also nothing to say. I want to give my terrible writing. It's all terrible, which is bad since I have my creative writing deadline tomorrow and I honesty don't know which piece is worst. I've gave up on fixing one of the stories I submitted for feedback, I just don't think I'll ever get to work unless I throw vampires into it. It still wouldn't work, but then it would at least have vampires to spice it up a bit.

I am almost attempt to summit Coincidence in War and Love as its the last short story I have any pride over (sad I know). Except it's too long, on the internet and not written during the course. There is the short Cut, but it sucks too and I shared it on the internet not thinking it would worth submitting (still do). I'll probably give the worser piece since I have no reason to keep it for anything else.

I know I'm not being over critical as all my opinions have been back up. I keep writing novels. I'm not sure if there any good. I just need to finish one. I need it to flow streight away at the start or I have nothing decent. Dragging stuff out of me is just painfully and messy.

I have list of ideas and none of them want to be on paper. I have to just write. A thousand words is just so resitive to me, because it plays on my mine. I need 2,000 when it comes to my work. My chapters tend to be that size as well. Some longer, very few shorter than by a great much.

I guess it doesn't help that I've started hate my own writing style, which is the same as hating my voice. Maybe this means I should try mixing up more. I've been inserting prose more in my stories to build the settings better. The thing my third person voice is my first person narrating badly. I also have completely forgotten to how to write action in first person. It's possible, this is because I deal more with plot and characters and was never good at it to start with.

I just wish writing hadn't became such a drag for me. Everything feels a little pressure which is of course most likely in my head.

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