Saturday, 5 December 2015

Self-Destructive is fun.

I have started to procrastinating from eating, so I don't eat till I'm really tired. I am like a really advance sim. If I am a sim, then I'm clearly not the favourite one. More the one you to fill out the family then leave to it, till you get bored of your main one.

I'm procrastinating from everything else as always. Except filming and other group related stuff but also majorly procrastinating that stuff too. I have left myself with intense writing sensation that leave me depressed and lifeless.

I am at the stage where I sort of care, but don't care at all. I am past caring, because as a perfectionists I only have two working function. Numb and stressed or a odd mix of both where I do nothing.  Procrastnation, if it were a profession, then I would be one of the best.

I got both Netflixs and Amazon Prime in a matter of days. Amazon Prime is something, I would not buy except it was free and comes with fast shipping. As a video or music subscription it individually sucks. It also raises the big question, Why the hell is Pipper Pig on both? She her and SpongeBob belong together.

I have yet to actually pay for Netflixs, so far it been worth it as I have been watching large quantity of Community and am on the Epsideo 8 of 4th season so am in the majority way into it. It is not good for the whole production thing, but I enjoy it and it is relatable. The cast is good, regular or guest. Though, Alison Bree is just straight up playing the same character as My Alibi.

As for Amazon Prime there is some stuff on Prime Video. I have only used it for Mona the Vampire on mute while I'm trying to get to sleep. Nostalgia makes it so I don't need sound, but I did mange to use my phone for sound last night till I got bored of syncing it.

I'm currently catching on Doctor Who. I hadn't watched since the first part of The Zygon Inversion which was when I last decided to catch up it before. This is made difficult because my SmartTV hates BBC Iplayer. Perhaps it's bitter about BBC Three. I have now gave up and began awkwardly typing this post in the tiny window due the download version of Iplayer doesn't let you make it tiny.

I'm going to leave you now in favour of adventure and going to sleep a decentish time. If the gods allow; or my body; or whatever causes me to stay up all night.

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