Saturday, 19 December 2015

Dead Religions (e.g. Jedi)

I am currently back home, though destined to return to the dorm once more before christmas. Ar, Christmas the holiday I am totally not prepared for. I have brought no one gifts, nor do I have any clue as what to get them. Maybe I'll became a Jehovah Witness every December and then lapse soon as boxing day comes. Though, Jehovah Witness are on my list of dumbest christian off shots, only after Morons who origins are the stupidness of all Abrahamic religions. Oh, wait I forgot about Scientology. At least someone started as a bet.

Now that I've done insulting American religions (for the week), let talk my fun activity of completely deadlines. But barely, or not all. I've did the work now...there a other thing but I don't want to talk about other deadlines.

I saw the major film of this week. That's right Krampus. It was okay. The horror was alright, the comedy wasn't really there. They were some issues, like the German speaking thing. Also I didn't like the design of  the top half of Krampus. It was okay, I would watch again if it was on TV or something. My little brother wanted to see it, but he's three years too young to go to see in a cinema, so I am bound to see it again.

 I also saw the new Star Wars film for a few hours later at midnight. It was good. It is a good film, though there are some issues with it that I hoped will be resolved in the future films. Some can't. I can't say anything else besides fighting the urge to scream out the window major spoilers but that just a thing I like to do.

I'm hoping to read and edit videos this weekend. How likely of either is up to me? The fact I put a question mark at the end of that sentence, probably speaks volumes of this weekends predicted outcome. Gotta try.
I write to another Saturday where I will know the future and the past of that day. Or lies. We'll see.

May the Force be with you. (say that on my birthday and I will choke you with the force).

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