Saturday, 2 January 2016

2015 in Summery

This is a post I should have write maybe last week, but then again how can you reflected on something till its over. My goals for 2015 were:
  1.  Read 60 books.
  2. To finally catch on my book reviews and stop requesting books that I don't time to read.
  3. I would like my To Be Read pile to go down as it now sits at 519 books.
  4. In the same spirit I want to majorly cut back on the books I buy.
  5. I would like finished reading/catch-up on 10 book series.
  6. To save money.
  7. To get a job this summer.
  8. To pass my driving test.
  9. To write creatively more and post it on this blog.
  10. To finished a first draft of The Stranger.
  11. To As in the Highers I'm study or at least put my best effort into doing it. 
  12. To stop procrastinating.
  13. Exercise and eat less junk.
  14. Talk to people, make friends and don't be in my shell so much.
  15. To put together a good portfolio together in less than month's time.
The majority of things were accomplished but also weren't at all.

1. I read 93 books last. Though, I'm not that happy about that considering I changed it to 102 for a very good reason which I will explain in a following point.
2. LOL. Still do this, but I seriously think about how unrealistic I am being before finally requesting a book. I have stopped requesting books I will never read. I might never catch up on though.
3. I think I counted wrong last year, because according to my spreadsheet I now have 459 books unread in my ownership and I only read 29 books that were mine last year. The thing I don't where I got that number from to say. Maybe it included NetGalley. So technically yes, but also hell no.
4. I brought 102 books and decided that if I was going to keep buying books I had to read at least as many as I buy, even if they not all owned books. I've never kept proper track of the number of books I buy per year before, so it's hard to say if this goal was achieved or not.  But I didn't a buy book every time I went into Waterstones. I stared keeping track of how much I was spending which was semi horrifying but that being said I've always thought of money in how many books I could buy with it.
5. I finished 10 series this year, meaning this was goal I accomplished without figuring the books I'm caught up with, but still they are ton of series I should finish.
6. No. I am still very bad with money.
7. I was unable to find one. I did work at charity shop so there's that.
8. I passed. I can drive by myself. I have been on a motorway. I have spinned my car in circle. I still hating driving.
9. I have been writing again, but I've also censored myself a lot this year. This a spiritually no. But I have stuff that mostly for me right now.
10. No. I think I added stuff. The Stranger is something I will finish, but I'm over aware of it's issues. I don't know if I should just straight up re-write it or continue with the plan to have at least one full draft of it instead of strips of scenes and beginning, end and middle.
11. I quit. This is clearly a fail in this front.
12. I will never likely stop. I put the pro in the word.
13. This is hard. Eating healthy is hard on a budget but I try. I still eat too much chocolate and need to find a form of excise that suits me.
14. Still Lonely. Still uncomfortable with this thing called Other People.
15. I did. Ish. But I also got into the uni I wanted to, so it doesn't really matter.

2015 was another year I lived. I got finally diagnosed with Autism and I went to uni so it's notable but in terms of emotions, nothing big happened to me. I achieved some goals and failed majorly at others. I will do the same next year. You can look forward to seeing those goals next week which is the typical scheduled for this time of year.  

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