Saturday, 9 January 2016

2016 Goals

This is the ways I should do this year maybe.
  1. Read 52 books or the same number I buy. I want to go back to reading at least a book a week as I think this is the best thing for me.
  2. Finish 10 book series. Same reasons as last year. I still own to many and they are lots I want to finish. 
  3. To lower my To Be Read in all senses. Don't spend as much on books. Get that number down to something that isn't so horrifying. It's at 458 as I type. I would say go year without buying any books but that would take away all my fun, so I can some options. Just not 102 again, please.
  4. Read a comic a day till caught up. I am majorly behind my comics and I would like to change this. This would last me a while if I did it literally. 
  5. Stop being dumb with money. I should budget for what I have and stop making a game of paying my credit card. I would like a job, but that's just not in my cards at the moment. I need another income so feel free to pay me for my talents (whatever they actually are).
  6. Write. This blog was to make sure I wrote every week, but it just doesn't feel like enough effect anymore. Maybe my posts need to be more structured. Maybe I should stop doing posts where I say nothing about nothing. I might start posting creative work every week no matter how bad or unfinish it is. Just so I do stuff instead of nothing.
  7. Edit footage instead of sitting on it for years. I feel interesting stuff then never do anything or abandoned video ideas I that I feel that need to be done or give up on before I even look at the footage.
  8.  Write a script and then make it. I have no excuse not to do this. I mean I find a lot of the class work creativity limiting so this would be at my level and I've just got to do these things. 
  9. Stop doing stuff the night before, then the whole doing work making me tired wouldn't be such  an issue and  might fix the whole insomnia/weird sleeping patterns I keep issue as well. 
  10.  Actually finish the Stranger or whatever. One of my novel things anyway.
10 is a nice number for this year. There's other stuff I should work on but I guess in terms of being happy and realistic, this is the stuff I should focus on.  See you loser next year where we see if I'm the winner or failer. Also next week for stuff.

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