Saturday, 12 May 2012

Point Horror Hunting (It was that guy who hit on me)

Now some of you might be thinking what the hell is a 19 year old doing blogging about Point Horrors, they literally pre-date said 19 year old (the first Point Horror was released in 1986 and last 2005, according to wiki) with their hay day being the 90s while she was still drooling (Hey, I was 7 when the 90s ended) and confirmed couldn't read at all then(I sort of could when I was 4, then forgot). Also shouldn't you're be studying so you get your childhood dream job of studying dead bodies?

Yes to all the above, so the story of my beloved Point Horror books begins with the lovely fact that I come from a family of book thieves apparently (which in my younger days I did partake). I own (well acquired from the family book case with the intent of not returning) several Point Horror books that once resided in a school library. It is possible that they were bought from a library book sale, but I find that unlikely as all the suspects, I mean my siblings were still in high school during the 90s and I know for a fact (petty certain my memory is right) this is the decade these books appeared in my home.

I can clearly remember "Funhouse" by Diane Hoh being present in my bedroom/playroom (it so big, should have doubled as two rooms). It was never read to me; I was left to my own devices when it came my thirst for fake blood and mayhem. I was such a sweet, innocent child who had to settled for Freddy Krueger.

Now having read "Funhouse" I realised I like the spooky cover better. Oh, well it probably for best that it no ways resembles my short story I wrote based on the cover before I read it, "Deathhouse" in which a funhouse that puts the fun back in Funeral. I put it up after my exams most likely (or never).

Anyway, these little gems of 90s teen horror have found they're way into my heart, but once I had read all the ones I had found at home and my school library; I some what forgot about them. Sure, I did look for books similar to them. However, I got caught up in my failing education and my thirst was never fulfilled.

Till one day (last Tuesday), I went to visit the bank. As most banks do, they sold books (well, my one does) where I spotted six Midnight Library books. Wait a second those ain't Point Horror books. Shh, I'm getting there. Midnight Library is a series of books containing three horror short stories which is one of the books that almost quench my ever growing thirst for terror (at a teen level). Anyhow, I brought these books at the small price of 3 quid and put £30 in my account.

When I got home, I started thinking about the other 6 books in the series. So I decided to hunt them down and buy them off the interweb. The Amason's book fruit was not ripe, so I ended up on ebay where I manage to catch my book prey. One of the sellers was meant to have a deal on the if bought three books, but they had no other Midnight Library books so I thought maybe they have some Point Horrors. And they did, exactly two. It was fate, or more likely coincidence.

So basically I went on a book buying frenzy and ended up with 24 books at the small sum of £40.93. I've decided to join Book Addict Anonymous (BAA) to battle my problem. Frankly, I don't need any more books. I currently, roughly own 221 books and 124 of them are waiting to be read. I'm really need to keep to my promise not to buy any more unless I come across Point Horrors  in a charity shop or something.

This is likely a broken promise, but the first step is admitting you have a problem. Proof that I'm not a total lost: this week will be the first and hopefully next week the last that I miss my goal of reading a book a week due my exams. 

Also thinking since I have all these Point Horrors now, I start doing reviews on them. I might even start Point Horror Wednesday. It depends on my busy, busy schedule this summer. You're know how it is when you have no job or major commitments to meet. Seriously, I am meant to be writing a novel this summer and other such things. So we're see.

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