Saturday, 26 May 2012

Summer Came early

Haló this fine morning, (okay it evening when I finally finished this). Scotland has been sunny and warm. Its too damn hot and I've got sunburn on random points on my body from yesterday which has been reinforced by today's actions. Went to the beach today, it was actually warm enough to swim.
My Epic Beach scene with my dog Shep

My exam are over, they went okay besides coming out my maths Higher paper crying and losing a mark in Bio for not being able to spell Hypothalamus. Though Maths Paper 1 objective was okay and I had a stoke of luck in Biology. Basically, I was going did Section A of 2001 paper the morning before my exam and it so happen that the SQA have been doing some recycling as question 3 appeared in my exam as question 2. It nice to know that it got promoted, though it did take 11 years to get 1 question up. I did get right the first time, anyway. No more talk of exams till August.

The tent I put all myself and slept in 25th May
So summer has basically started for me and as I've said above the weather has match that sentiment so far. I actually slept outside yesterday because of the heat. Though, I was still woke up today at 8am. I had woke at 7am the day before after finally getting asleep at 2.30 am. I suppose it was good for T in the Park which me and most of my sisters are going to this year. My older big sister has been few times, but it will be my other sister and my first time.Very exciting, I've actually got a busy summer this year. Going to England in three weeks time and doing Camp NaNoWriMo this June and August.

Sitting atop a waterfall (okay, a very small one)
 Probably got all my sun for the year, as I'm not that interested  in sun bathing and did my exploring of my farm and played in my "pool". So lots and lots of writing this summer, with tons of books being read. I've actually started my main book attempt of reading the Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes by ACD. I've already finished reading Study in Scarlet and don't worry I won't feel the need to re-enact "The Finial Problem"

P.S. Hope you've enjoyed Eurovision so far and enjoy what little remains.

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