Saturday, 18 August 2012

Sleeping Pattrens Gone Wack (The dread of Starting College)

Hi dearies, I woke at the delightful time five clock in the afternoon. That's fine when you take into consideration, I went to sleep at seven/eightish. I just have trouble sleeping at night, they something about it that rebels against the notation of at this time. As soon as the sun rises is when I feel tired, even then my brain won't shut down happily.

 This will become quite the issue since I'll be starting college soon. It making its self know this Wednesday and then I'll be starting next week. Frankly, this fills me with dread. Being all autistic like my bad arse self, I plainly just don't like change of any kind. I know I have to do this, it too late to change my mind about the whole thing. Yet I still don't have a clue as what I want to with my life.

I've sort of have the grades for Art, not so much anything else. Why does life have to be so depressing? Why can't I get my genius out of my head. I know it just as stupid as studying Art and don't have the grades for it, but god English keeps calling to me.

In attempt of fixing the whole sleep thing I'm staying up till a least 7pm on Sunday before going to bed. I shall get through by reading, the internet and cutting my own hair. I should be drawing, but fuck that... Oh, I've got to get over this stupidity. I'm dumb on paper and that's not going to change. If I had a goal maybe it would be easier.

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