Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Realisation that hit me at 4.58 in morning (Oh, why must this war continue?)

Sleep is boring. 

Okay, sleeping isn’t actually the boring part. Its self can be rather interesting with the whole dreaming and disturbing oddness that comes with them. It’s the getting to sleep that the issue. I was inspired to notion of it being boring from BBC Sherlock and if you follow my twitter (@RachelVerna) or my Youtube vlog (all links can be found at the side) you will know that I’m quite a big Sherlock fan (working my way through the original Complete stories of Sherlock Holmes by ACD). While lying awake one night after many a night struggling to find rest, I realise that I just can’t shut my mind off. 

With the lights out, my mind goes into overdrive.  Every possible thought goes through my mind, what I should have done that day, what I need to do tomorrow, why the hell did I say that to such and such in the P6, Oh that would be good plot line or I totally think they going to have that in the next episode…such is the nonsense that comes to me at 4am.

And even if I can get my mind to go blank, then my senses go into overdrive. Suddenly, I can hear everything that going in around my house. Whether it’s the TV that been left on in the living room or the buzzing of bug flying around my bedroom, it’s enough to keep me up till sun rise. I end up getting out the bed and getting my ipod. 

But then the patterns in the darkness would come, but I always fight the unknown of the darkness and my wondrous imagination, by having a light source.   However, my imagination is too good to be conquered by something that simple and will frankly always win the war. I only take the humble battle most nights. I will caught shapes in the corner of my eyes that are suddenly something; I will create layered horror stories in the middle of night involuntary.  To think I use to have night terrors.

Even in my deepest need for sleep, these things all still keep me awake. Most night I give and paddle about, reading (don’t even suggest that makes you tired, if you actually enjoy reading it will waken you more) or watching whatever crap happens to be on at five am. The Curse of an Active Brain.

So in this bring me to the conclusion that trying to get to sleep is boring and most nights I wouldn’t even try if wasn’t for the matter that I’m actually having to be do stuff during the day. As of this Monday I’ll have to be getting up at six in the morning instead of going to sleep, all to catch a bus to college. I won’t get home until half sixish as well, I imagine my bed will be the most appealing once I arrive home. This will be my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays for the next year. The Price of an Education. 

For those interested, the orientation day was as boring as I imagined and no I never talked to anyone which is what both my parents asked me. Also I missed out of seeing (in person) my Best friend (yes, Miss English) because of it. As the theme of sleepless nights has continue, you would be correct in thinking that my problem from last week has not been solved. God, I can’t believe summer is officially over now (in my mind it’s over with the term start). So Farewell to summer this year and Farewell to you this week. Wish me luck for college.

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