Saturday, 22 September 2012

When the cat is gone, the mice will read.

I am ill. I thought I would start this week's post off with my moaning. Okay,  I don't actually have that much to moan about. The bus to college didn't show up, well according to them the bus was 15 minutes earlier than plan without warning, after it being 15minutes late every other day before. I think they're just skipped my stop due to it being usually empty and its meant to be the first stop. Its not my fault I live in the village of the damned. I'm also still waiting to hear from SAAS to hear about my grant. Its been 30 days since I sent the addition information, so hopefully Monday a letter will come. Till then I am broke.

My parents are gone for the weekend, so be my sib have the house all to ourself. So obviously we have big plans for this weekend. However, as we're both geeks these plans include watching Doctor Who, Comedy World Cup and QI XL. I know we're so cool. Until then I plan to read Sherlock Holmes stories (and watching some lame British horror 'Demons Never Die').

God, I hate being ill. I always feel like I can't breath when I have a blocked nose. Maybe I have something to write about if I didn't have such a boring life, full of such interesting books.

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