Saturday, 1 September 2012

Blogger's block (with London's Safety being poked at)

It surprisingly hard to come up with a blog idea every week. I mean I know there's people out there that blog something everyday. I tweet most days, but most of those barely past as amusing nevermind interesting. Maybe it would help if had a life outside of books and the internet.

I mean I can't really write book reviews (from English I took the ability to only write essays about characters and deep themes, most people don't want that or most of the books I read are too shallow to do that or have been done who knows how many times before). There are no currently geeky shows to watch (the realisation I only watch cartoons and BBC productions) and I forgot to write about The Dark Knight Rises when anyone, including myself, remotely cared (it was overly obvious from a fan point of view). The Olympics are over and no offence to the Paralympics but channel 4 suck at sports so I've given up any notion of watching them (or any sports).

Wait, Doctor Who is back on tonight; technically I could just wait and watch that. Then I could freely bitch about why do the writer hate Rory so much (they've killed him at least Three times) and how I'm not fond of any of the Ponds (its nice to re-watch River Song's death). Okay, I could do all those things right now, but you know me... I like to bitch at the only semi-appropriate time.

I would also like to state that I hate Docter 9 and Rose that while the plots were okay (besides the characters) I never watch them because frankly I would have happily killed both. Still sightly sad that Rose didn't die...

Also why has London not been nearly destroyed the past two Christmases?

Oh, for those expecting a update about  how my first week of college went... there isn't one (not clearly written one anyway).

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