Saturday, 8 September 2012

Doctor Who thoughts as they happened.

GOD, Doctor Who makes me giggly. Watching it as I type. What with the orange opening? Queen Nefertiti is the best Queen of Egypt ever.  This is probably going to be rather random to begin with. Dinosaurs in space, isn't that like a little boy's fantasy. I would say kid except I wasn't that much into either as a kid.
LOL, Squeaky voice robots fantastic.Oh I know those voices, I love both those voices.

The Earth Lizard people are back.  I don't imagine a (can't think of the name of this) Dinosaur licking someone like a dog. I like Rory's dad better than Rory, its so sad when children go up...can't think of the right word. Everyone knows the Doctor is more like a PhD doctor than a medical one.

Eleven is really growing on me. At first I wasn't sure of him, I thought he would be better than nine who I did not like at all, but he's much better. Though, Ten will always be my Doctor.

The Doctor doesn't have a value, he's priceless. But definitely not worthless.

"Don't ever judge me by your standards" He probably stole that off someone. I'm now stealing that.

Robots are funny, as expected. "They've stolen a dinosaur." "I see that."

Gay kiss, well just give the fangirls what they're want then Doctor.

Oh, not the doggy Dinosaur *weeps dramatically*

Lestrade is all I can think about.

Ew, old man. No one likes a creepy rapist trying it on with a several thousand year old Queen. Nefi could definitely take him anyway.So could anyone he is on crunches after all and rather dimwitted.

Ha, I saw that coming didn't I?

Aw, who doesn't want to see their home from space. And Earth is rather petty. Thats amusing and sweet ending.

 Next week Cowboys. These writers are such boys.

I'm off to annoy my best friend, I tell about my (our) Sherlock problem next week. 

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