Saturday, 6 October 2012

WTF Writing

Hello Lovies, I read "The Fry Chronicles" by the fantastic Mr Stephen Fry this week. Which somewhat explains why I've decided to dub my Hermes 305 (not a 301 like I said in previous post): Fry. Frankly, its doesn't deserves such a good name; rightfully it should be called Billy Bob or some rather boring like Steven. Why don't I dub it one of those, because even if I despise the damn thing, everything which I decided to name must be called something interesting or at least standable to me. I'm also on a mission to kill a cat called Steven (no clue why) therefore my typewriter can't share the same name.

I'm sick of my own life, therefore I'm back to the scheme of writing fiction for these rather than my actual life or some lame arse point.

The Horror of Writer Okay, not that.

My head hits the desk, in frustration I begin bang it repeatly as though the abuse will cause my brain to come up with the thing I demand of it.I stop and rub my now sore forehead. That didn't help at all. Really not that.

There was once a girl by the name of Rebecca. Now, Rebecca was hideously plain, not like that Jane who keeps saying she is while all the boys chase after her luscious lips and long smooth legs.Rebecca was slightly gay for Jane, but that couldn't be helped as Rebecca was slightly confused. Rebecca was looking forward to summer as she would no longer have to strip naked for gym with the other girls.  She shivered in...embarrassment.

Rebecca was not ugly, no just plain. Her features were neither pleasing or displeasing. Her best friend was sort-of-petty Anna, they had big plans for the summer. Those plans had been massive, but Anna had gain a boyfriend the month before summer ended. She now interested in kissing him (and not sleepover experiments) leaving poor Rebecca to her own devices somewhat. Rebecca had no hope to get a boy of her own, no matter what Anna said. Unless she became easy like Easy Ruth.

The last true school event was the big party that Easy Ruth was holding that everyone was inviting to. Rebecca and Anna are meant to be going with each other, though Rebecca was now worried she would end up sitting in the corner by herself while Anna did straight things with the boy. Anna showed up at Rebecca's house at 2 past seven while Rebecca was putting on a plain blue dress.

Anna sighed (inside) when she saw Rebecca. She didn't appeared to have made an effect, besides shaving her legs. She wore no make-up and her hair was straight as normal. They had this debet before, while Anna had began to wear make-up daily and wore a a skirt that was three and half inches above her knees. Her shirt hinted at her womenly figurer. Rebecca look at best the 50s worst five years old.

They left at past 10 and arrived at Easy Ruth's at 20 past. She was wearing a top as dress and large breast were shoved in Rebecca's face upon entering. If Rebecca hadn't a pair herself, she would have swore that Ruth was flirting with her. It must have just been teasing when she asked if Rebecca liked her perfume.

The house was full of teenage hormones and their carriers. The night started calm, until a game of spin the bottle was suggested after every teen's lips had made contract with alcohol. Rebecca didn't understand this game, it seem so easy to go wrong. She didn't want to play, but Anna made her. It would be a long game. A giant circle was formed, going girl boy girl since that apparently would make things more interesting.

It was a night full of homosexual and heterosexual experiences. Boys kissed boys, a boy kissed Rebecca, Rebecca kissed Easy Ruth whose hand had made contract with Rebecca's left tit. Rebecca watched nervously at first but the kissing began to blur. That was until Not Plain Jane's turn. She bent down to spin the bottle giving  an eyeful. The bottle seems to take forever to choose its next victim. It landed to Rebecca's right. Jane drunkly crawing her way across the circle, before fosting her tougue down Rebecca's thoat. She pushed her on to the boy she was meant to kiss.

Rebecca was no longer confused when it came to Jane. She was a horrible kisser, but her boyfriend was much better. Rebecca moved after that summer. Anna became close with Jane intimately. Easy Ruth got knocked up before running off her Social Studies teacher, Miss Rook.


I hope you wonder WTF did you just read, as much as I went WTF did I just write. So much filler, I don't have words.

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