Saturday, 13 October 2012

Books Sprees (Invadison of the Novels)

My arms are playing up again, I'm spitting pains in my back. I woke up twice and I really couldn't move my right arm, it was that numb. My fingers went bit odd after that, back to normal now.

So that my normal. I don't why but I've been thinking darker thoughts lately. Not as bad as this time last year. I'm not depressed before you start any of that nonsense. That was last year 2011, my darkest year yet. I blame the school system (I actually do partly, a lot). I think it probably me just subconscious reflecting on the situation.

 I've taken to reading three books a week, which if I continue with this trend and with my current books read number (of 64); I shall have read 97 books this year. Though, that's a bad number so I have to read at least one more so its even number.

I've recently been buying a lot of books, yes that number is actually 10 but that's a lot considering I have no money. I have used money meant for food. I haven't brought in any months. I guess when I buy books I do it in sprees. I did buy a book I've been meaning to get for years is of course "The Perks of being a Wallflower" I could probably do a joke blog with the same title. Maybe next week.

So yay, my room is getting invaded by books. There's a boxes everywhere of them, but then it been that way for months. I'm been moaning about a new bookcase, no clue where I would put it. I could just put it in the middle of the room. I'm probably going to reorganise my bookcase.

Oh by the way, I'm off for two reading and stuff.... I might get something productive done. Might.
What do think of the idea of me dressing up as a alien for Halloween?

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