Saturday, 2 February 2013

Driving is no longer for the Youths

I have gave up my driving lessons. This is because I can't afford to drive. I can actually afford the lessons, but I'm no longer insured to drive because its frankly too expensive.  There also the cost of taking the theory and then the practical. I know I've already paid the fifty quid for my provisional. Well, I guess I have a ID for the sake of it.

I spend £80 every month for my lesson which actually quite cheap, but that 36.36% of all the money I get for my bursary. I've not give up completely on driving. I'm just disenchanted by it all.

Its annoys me so much that its Sexist to give women lower rates because in percentages woman are the safer driver, but it okay to be give young drive outrageous rates because theres a high percentage that says that Young people are worse drivers. If that sexism, then that must be ageism. Well, it doesn't take a genius to realise that Young Driver are always new driver and won't have the same experience as our non-young counterparts. Its not the fact that new driver that are getting (extremely) higher rates. Older new drivers are not given the same rates.

So basically, no one (unless your parents are loaded) will be able to afford to drive until they well into their twenties.

So thats what bugging me this week, we could take bets for next week.
Will it be rant, an odd piece of creative writing, book related or odd rambing because I couldn't think of a topic to write on.

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