Saturday, 23 February 2013

The Wonderland Ban (How to keep oneself busy till then)

Hi, guys, so in a much better mood this week. I now have a giant pile of book packages which is probably the best indicator of my need to stop buying books.
There's more coming too.

I currently own 131 unread books and I've included the series I own as if they were just the one book. As you know I own complete series which I've never read any of them (such The Monroeville Vampires Series and there's currently 13 of them). I didn't add the series I thought it was kinda unproductive as I need to catch upwith/finish these series as much as to get through my currently large unread collection. So it really the same goal as the books.

Sometimes like I acquire books without thinking. For examples, I recently ordered a book thinking it was the cheap Hardback version. Its turns out its over expensive paperback. I could have got it somewhere else cheaper and would have arrived soon as well. The thing is that it clearly said paperback. I was just out of it when I order it and slightly impulsive. So instead of a deal, I got cheated. Oh, well. You have luck with books and then you don't.

Also with library and recently ARCs, I borrow/request them without thinking about the time I have. I want them so I take them and then struggle to read them all in time. And I usually read three avenge size books a week.

So this brief brings us to my "Alice and Wonderland Day Ban" or Wonderland Ban for short. It basically means I'm not buying any books till my Birthday which happens to be the day that Alice is meant to have went to Under Ground (or wonderland as most call it). So no books till the 4th May 2013, I know how will I survive for ten weeks ( or two months, a week and two days) without buying any books. I even have plan to shame myself by keeping a whiteboard with the number of unread books I own (131), the days till I last brought a book (Fuck, that's like 70 days by the end). I also have pre-order books coming in March, so that should help and I need to save for important things.

I also my college stuff is rather mess (Yay, we going to back to negative, but true negative). I got myself in this mess. Something I've always done is lie. All I do is lie. So when I face with the question how are things going with the project, I just nodded and mumbled okay. In truth, I'm terribly behind and I feel like crap because my body hates me (when its feels like it sometimes). Sometimes it my own fault, I just didn't do the thing or went down the wrong road and should have done a u-turn. I also avoid things that I don't like.

I have realised that Moodboards are my emery. I will never like them, and don't get much from them.

It might be,  because I'm dyslexic and already a really visual person. I mean I already sort of see things in my head, hell I can even vision stuff I saw years ago. Its still all in my head. I can bring back. I only need a picture if I want to copy it in close detail and even then I don't want

What I'm basically saying is that I can form a moodboard in my head and have complete idea there. Another thing is it kinda annoying as someone who actually does design as a job, doesn't have time to all this complicate research and so far I already knew a lot about things that they made us go into detail about.

I'm actually going to be rather buzy in the next months. I've enter my novel into a contest to be published by Random House. Its only an ebook, but the price is still petty epic and it also gives me some motivation to finish it. Its the same novel as my June Camp NaNoWriMo or The Stranger. You can see the first three parts (Prologue and first two proper chapters).

There is currently a good chance I might be doing a theatre production. I'm saying might as I plan to go to the meeting, but I might hate the whole thing or something. So I don't want to go into details till I know I'm definitely doing it. Though, it is a musical I'm very familiar with.

So in summary this basically what I plan to do with my self while I'm still a teenager:  reading, designy arty college stuff; writing a novel to a proper deadline and possible drama.

That all look great on UCAS when I -currently planning to- apply to do English and Film.

So my four old self happy because I did go to "art school"; now my young teen self can be happy that I am going down the possible scriptwriting/something to do with film route; all selves are happy because I'm going after books and now if only if I can please the actor in me somehow.

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