Saturday, 9 February 2013

The Death of the Wander Shop (His Master's Voice leaving the High Street)

So I went to my local HVM yesterday. Guess what? Its shutting down. Frankly, its like all the HVM are shutting to me without the spoilers (Remember Woolworths?)

I actually went to the Grand Opening of my local HVM. I hadn't actually moved down here yet, but Son of Dork were going to being doing a signing. For those who do not remember the short life of said band. It had James from Busted in it, which was why we went to the signing. My sib just loved Busted (I did too, but she was the bigger fan) and had soft spot for James. Also that one album was petty good, in the cheesy rock sense (Oh, yes there such a thing as Cheesy Rock, its like pop ones but with guitars, real drums and possible parental advisory warnings).

It will have only been there Eight years and it probably be empty for two years if its like Wooworths (seriously there's one is same place as HMV was empty that long and the one nearest me once again empty after a brief fring with Pound King). I felt rather depress walking about it, probably for the last time. The realisation that my kids will never see a music store, just full of CDs, and dvd and odd books. No random merch. Fucking Tesco Extra is probably the closest they've ever get while being followed by security horse (That's my theory of the near future). I really am going to miss HMV, mainly for the aimless wandering about. I guess with the lost of Woolworths and HMV, the wanderer shops are gone.

THE RECESSION KILL MY CHILDHOOD. Well, the two stores that  heavily featured in it.

Though even with being sad over the situation, didn't stop us joking about it. Such jokes/ideas as entering the store with a dogs size coffin; asking to pre-order a game; trying to use my loyalty card and several others that no longer come to mind. I guess I will never get to complain about Paramore being in the Metal section.

I know it was petty obvious that HMV couldn't last, it and Woolworths were the Internet store before it took off. Everything they sell can be sold over the internet easily and other issues the music industrial is having with lack of people actually paying for music.

So in summary its sad that HVM is struggling (and soon to be gone for me), its probably inevnerable for it and its likes to disappear from the High Street. Now there's only supermarkets that sell CD and dvd. *sigh*

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