Saturday, 26 January 2013

Donating Blood and Guts

Hi, so I gave Blood two weeks (which I would have wrote about then if The Daily Mail & my brother hadn't annoyed me, but enough about them). It was actually a bit of a failure. It was all going well, my haemoglobin (iron in your blood) was fine, I've had issues in the past. However, half way through actually giving blood, the flow just stopped and refused to start again. I was rather annoyed with my vein idea of rebel. They have other uses for it , but they couldn't use as a transfer (I like to think they give the failures to the vampires because its doesn't matter to them) is obviously a shame especially since I'm O negative a.k.a The God of the Blood Types. Well, when giving blood in questions since they can give it to any one without fear of rejection (that might be the wrong word, stills fits though). So basically, its very important that I give blood and anyone who has that blood group.

Funny fact, half my family have that blood group but there can't give blood due to medical reasons.

I think my left arm doesn't like giving blood, because the last two times its missed behaved, so I'm just going to use my right time and jug down water before I go next time in April.

There is currently this horrible campaign (horrible because they're using the Hollyoaks cast) to get new young donors in. They want a 1000 which is kinda terrible considering Britain has a estimated population of 60.9 millionObviously, not everyone will be able to give blood and some will already give blood. But in Scotland only 5% of the population 5,254,800 according to google) give blood. Thats petty terrible.

It probably only takes 45 minutes at the max to give blood (and this is with waiting to been seen) and only once every three months (or six cause some people's haemoglobin doesn't recover in that quick).

Frankly, they guilt me something awful since I started giving blood. They gave me a gold card, after I had only donated four times that was weird. I kinda feel silly with it. Also a Christmas card with a joke about my blood time.

I'm also registered Organ Donor because frankly hypercritical not to be. I have a sibling who received a kidney transplant. Also I believe if I died suddenly  and they're able to make use of my organs after I have no use for them. Then go a head. (By the way, that is not permission for any one to dig me up and steal my body/organs).

I guess with my ill sibling, I've always been conscious of the whole donating things. I started donating blood as soon as I was seventeen. 45 minutes of my time could mean someone's life. SO DONATE DAMN IT!!! Because someday a blood transfer might save your life and then you'd never be able to return the favour.

So two rants in a row in a way, neither greatly constructed but there've got to better than my random "I have literally nothing to talk about posts. So basically I'm actually going to my much older sister's  (Well, she is 30 today LOL Happy Birthday loser) Birthday party tonight meaning this was pre-written (its Monday). I think I am going to try and write my Saturday posts before Saturday so they actually up on Saturday (what the hell, heres another SATURDAY).

So See you next week, I'm probably on my way up North or getting ready to go by now.

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