Saturday, 4 May 2013

20th Birthday *half-hearted whoop*

So today is my Birthday. Well, not actually. I'm really writing this from yesterday. Right now I'm still teen, but when you read this I shan't be anymore. Its sort of all Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey, isn't it?

I guess some of you might be wondering what I plan to do on my Birthday. Well, the answer is obvious. I'm going to be in two shows today. I've spent every night being in a Production of Beauty and the Beast the past week and week before rehearsing it everynight but Saturday that week. Tonight's performance will actually be the last. So seconded year in a row I've been doing something for the last time on my Bday.

I sort of realised, I mean I was sort of knew I would associate my Birthday with this, that I be able to count how many years since I left school by taking 19 out whatever age I am. So its a year since I left school, it doesn't feel a like a year. I missed the variety of school. College seems rather boring so far and I haven't learned much.

Two of my sibling are showing up today, mainly to see the show.My older brother was annoyed to find out that no one had invite him to see the show. Frankly, though it my birthday and he said nothing about that until the show came up. I should probably just unfriend the bugger.

I don't know if my sibling coming today to see it was such a smart idea. Just because the two shows and the stress of it all.

Its terrible Doctor Who is on, on my birthday and I won't be able to watch it till Sunday probably.

So I'm off to listen to songs about teenagers while I'm still in that age range.

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