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Once again it is Saturday, but this Saturday is not like all the other Saturdays. This Saturday has two very important things happening. Today has the Doctor Who finale and EUROVISION!!!

God, how many times did I say Saturday in that opening paragraph. So yes, today we have the grief of Doctor Who finale, I imagine it will be heartbreaking and then we have joy of EUROVISION!!! Maybe that should be the other way about.

 Okay, that going to get tedious, so I'll stop writing Eurovision in capital letters and with exclamation marks. With Doctor who all time wimy, heart breaks are repeated. Both are rather colourful,camp, involve stripping (Matt Smith walks around in a towl and so on) and disturbing at times. Eurovision is politics, pop and bad singing.

Having just watched Doctor who, The  Name of the Doctor. It played out how I expected with the whole name thing, it was heartbreaking and I was laughing with madness or grief at the end. Can never just tell with Doctor Who, probably both. Though, I did I thought it was anti-climatic. I think the Fandom might be in tears though right now as it petty clear we won't be seeing a certain character again.

Eurovision Thoughs, (writing it as I watch):
  • Butterflies, how original. My mum would love this.
  • Okay, rewriting stories. How Doctor Who of EV.
  • Sorry, it called we write the story. Still DW all the way. I might the Doctor loves Eurovision
  • The flag thing is a bit weird, but it is kinda nice to see all the contestants at once.Though, very long and Olympicly. But honestly this is close as we get to the Olympics in terms of singing and entertainment.
  • The nice thing with Sweden is that they can handle English well and don't murder it. So hopefully, it won't get weird. 
  • The Australia joke was good one.
  • Why can't we vote with Apps or texts? 
  • I like the Butterflies country flag.
  1. France: Oh, sexy hand rubbing. I mean rubbing ones hands against ones bodies sexily. Typical theme of bitter love betrayed and I'm going to get you. "I'm going to give you hell". I didn't like the song, its rocky but shit. The tune was boring and the lyrics were repetitive shallow shit.
  2. Lithuania: Oh, I like this one. Kinda The Killers or Coldplay but not as good and one guy. Shame he separated from Hetero (Try and not to laugh). I love the music, singing was good but the lyrics were bit shit.
  3. Moldova: And the cliché lyrics keep coming. I don't think she could actually move in that dress. The dances must help her one and off. Oh, projections on the dress and making it grow. How Capitol of them.
  4. Finland: Gay kissing times, Turkey ain't show Eurovision because of it. Fuck them, we knew they were bastards already. I like Gramham Norton comment "If girls kissing offends you, grow up." Okay, shallow but rather fun. Though, I don't get why she doesn't just ask him. It also doesn't sound like she stole it off someone else. I'm not sure I would go with a veil that big or that dress if I was going to get married, and I don't love the baimaids dresses. The kiss was rather tasteful. Oh, apparently, we should expect to see more of her.
  5. Spain: Bagpipes, since when Spain. Though, they have got someone who can actually play them. Good sign. Oh, my god I think she singing about the Doctor. Is doctor who popular in Spain? It sounds very summery, sort song you expect to hear in the soundtrack of summer love moving. Probably something with a road trip in it.
  6. Belgium: Love Kills, yes. Yes it does. Sounds like he's losing his voice. Oh, my god girls growing out of his back. Dancing is terrible and weird. I can't really understand him (singing in English BTW) but I think that might be his voice. He very One Directiony and typical boyband material. Cute backup one that almost never has a solo. Song Forgettable, though respective chorus.
  7. Estonia: I doubt the black and while thing really works in the Arena. I like the song, my favourite so far. Pregrate lady is good. Very simple and past and life going on.
  8. Belarus:  Europeany and lets get drunk. Party and have sex. That the themes basically and beautiful people. She probably very up herself. No, boring cliché with sound. She might win as Eurovision loves this shit. Cha-Cha, get lost. Yes, she does love herself going with that kiss at the end and moving arms out to the audience saying "Thank you".
  9. Malta: Ukulele, Oh, he's a Doctor, that good knowledge to have in case if we need a Doctor in the house (I bet you were expecting Doctor Who Joke, weren't you?). Sweet and simple staging. Just him wandering the stage with the band and back singers. I like the lyrics being behind him in lips (sorry, that just the general shape of the backing scenes).
  10. Russia: Sounds like that song that's in Eurovision every year. With big balloons. Peace and love, we can do anything basically. Uplifting and such. They threw orange balls of light at the audience. Not sure why. It probably do well.
  11. Germany: Apparently sounds like last years winning song, to be honest I don't remember last year's winner, just that I wasn't that aford of it. Clichés about love and musics. With girl standing on metel stairs. "We're young and the world is ours" and so on.
  12. Armenia: Oh, its about War. Yeah, Eurovision politics are really band and ain't there. Very 90s rock. It reminds of one of those other peace songs by American. "Someday we're break the wall" I thought we did. I actually it might be the 80s I'm thinking of. The leadsinger reminds me of Russia Band but less dark. Fire is very loved in Eurovision.
  •  I liked the short, amusing not laugh out loud. Lots of gay jokes. We all know the gays love Eurovisions. Sweden have done a good job.
13. The Netherlands: Poor Netherlands, ten years since being in the final, that probably be Britain if weren't in the Big five. Boring and cliché deepness. I wonder if I could get to the bathroom and back before the next song. Also birds can fly. At least she can sing, but it very boring. Where's the crazy Eurovison?
14. Romania: YOLO. Oh my god, here's the crazy. He can't sing and weird red people with giant sheet thing stage. I think Doctor Who Writers must get some of their ideas from Eurovision.  Also slightly suicide in theme.
15. United Kingdom: Oh my god, I forgot my brooze. Thanks for remind me Graham. I think this is very Eurovision. Thankfully, true to Britain hopes to winning. I wish could have just I need a Hero. I love that song, and just her in generally. Though, its bit weird that we keep sending people who out of their prim of fame. She still brilliant. Simple and tastefully.We should be pound of ourselves, even if come in last place.
16. Sweden: Its another One Direction want to be, with weird dancing going on. I don't think Sweden really want to host it again next year anyway. I think he might be 30 year old trying to be a teenager. He standing on this weird red thing. Was red the secret theme colour?
17. Hungary: He is in love with wolfgirl or he allowed his child to be raised by wolves which is bad parenting. Yay, I'm petty sure its a romantic baby. Its cute and sweet with slightly scaring illustration behind him. I like this song, but its not the sort of thing to do well.
18. Denmark: Apparently the favourite. Its a peace song, and possible love. Only teardrops. Its not only to Moffat, its what he lives on.  Another reference just by having that title to Doctor Who. Drums and hippie dress.
19. Iceland:  Iceland's butterfly looks very like Britain's. Its Jesus, actually it Iceland so he clearly a Viking. I like him, he can sing and its a good ballad.
20. Azerbaijan: I've started drinking. I thought he was sing in his native language but no that English. Okay, the singer sanding on a upside down man is weird. Oh, he might to be his reflection I think. Or ducking the box. Oh, now they killing him with paper love hearts. He's petty and can sort of sing. He'll do well,
20. Greece: Alcohol is Free, we all wish Greece.  It very Greek sounding. It about alcohol and sea things. A sea of whisky, would be found in European if anyway. I like this song, it rather fun song. Though, it is a bit weird that Main string is so much older than the band.  Dancing is fun. Its fun. Its my favourite, but it won't win. Though, Greece probably praying it won't. Oh, maybe if it does, they'll ask Britain to host it.  Probably, the only way we're have it again any time soon.
21. Ukraine: She looks Celine Dion. Okay, it bit weird. She standing on a rock  in mermaid dress (the style, she doesn't have a tale). Oh, she mention butterflies. Gravity is surprising common theme among Eurovision.
22. Italy: Apparently very big in Italy. You know if Britain sent one of our big stars we'd be shoe in to do well. But we secretly don't want to. Though, the Original country have been doing well the past few years.  Oh, Italy actually entry. Its good, but  it literally just him standing there singing in Italian. Bit boring, but he is good.
23. Norway: I have soft spot for Norway, they're my back up country for some reason. They're a island, I like Islands. Oh, fuck its dupstep shit. Its just her singing with this weird arse drum. Its okay actually, I just don't love it. I don't think it'll do that well. Is it just me or has Eurovision been very boring this year.
24. Georgia: I wonder how many Eurovision songs have had waterfalls in them. Sea of dreams. So cliché. Duet about love, oh well we need one don't we? Oh, my god this is the Lizzy McGuire movie.
25. Ireland: Oh no, it almost over. Only love survives, that's cliché and wrong. Hate does to and viruses.  Oh, topless tattooed men with Irish drums. That bound to get them some points considering the Gays and women. Though, sadly the song is shit and you want to punch the actual singer.  Probably have good chance.
  • Oh, Camraman in Madonna boobs. How very amusing.
  • Who would vote over Twenty times anyway?
  • I think Spain might be my favourite, after Greece obviously.  Or maybe Hunger and Iceland are my favourites. Denmark are good too. Who fuck knows or cares?
  • Oh, no. I went Downstairs for more alcohol and miss the start vote counting show.  Oh well, its just the last year's winner and I hate her anyway. I do not like dance much.
  • I now have my cat with me watching with me?
  • It fun seeing the things only for Britain. Bonnie Taylor segment I mean.
  • Got to say its rather weird that they only have one host, but I like. 
  • Interval show is funny, I like in comparison to those giant displays that other countries tend to have. Oh, this totallt makes up for the lack of crazy in the contestants. 
  • Gay kissings, I like the fact that they hasn't been any hetero kissing but girl on girl and boy on boy. Yay, Gay Marriage. 
  • I like this, but I don't think all Euro-watchers will like it or get it. 
  • Oh, history lesson. Drag Queen joke. 
  • Graham Norton does a lovely job. Though, still miss Terry Wogan. 
  • What if it was a Four tide, would it be fight to the death then?
  • Who doesn't love a Abba cover? We can all sing along without shame. The winner takes it all is bit of obvious choice though.
  • God, I'm going to be singing for weeks now. I don't actually see how that's any different from normal.
  • I think Greece should start praying now.
  • Yay, we've got one point so no zero points for us.
  • Thanks Romania for the Three points. Yay, we have four points. 12 points from somewhere would be nice, maybe Ireland, probably not.
  • My sib and I are both drinking by ourself while watching Eurovision.
  • It awkward when the Points people sing at us. I also hate it when they try for conversations with the audience and the host.
  • Four points from Spain. Whoop. Beating Ireland.
  • God, stop saying hashtag, you fucking loser.
  • With 5 points from Malta, we have beat last year with 13 points.
  • 7 points from Ireland, why can't our other neighbours vote for us? Like when we're not shit.
  • So with a 23 point, we've came in 17th place. We have pride, though it kinda shocking Finland didn't do better. In my opinion, it was better song than Denmark. Denmark was alright song, but I wasn't expecting it to actually win. Not shocked Ireland came last.
  • So Eurovision once again remains it confusing self and the UK only really stays to bitch about it. 
 So that Eurovision over till next year and Doctor Who till Noverber. This probably the longest post I've ever had which probably show how much geek I am. See ya till next year or more likely next week. 

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