Saturday, 25 May 2013

Depressing Scenes at Supermarket

I think I might have seen the most depressing thing I've ever seen in real life last Tuesday. I was in Tesco (I know already quite depressing) doing what most people do in Tesco when I saw a group of primary school kids. At first, I just thought that it was just a health lesson that was trying to hard to be fun or something. No, it was much worse than that. I later saw the same group on the checkouts.

They had took, I'm going to say Seven years old, to learn out to operate a cash register. Like are things that bad where someone would think its a good idea to give Primary kids work experince. Here kids, here where you're be working in ten years, but don't worry as they're probably get rid of checksout once the old biddies die off so like two of you wandering around the self-checkouts making sure people don't steal or buy alchoal underage. The rest of yous are will restock the shelves or be unemployed.

Okay, there nothing wrong with working in supermarket, its an essiental job. And most Uni/college students tend to get those sort of jobs while making their way through their courses. It just why the hell does a Primary school kid need to know how to use a real checkout?

At that age they should still be wanting to be impossibly or incredbuially unlikely things like being a cat or Astronaut. Sometimes I still envy the life of a dog (though I was never one of those kids that wanted to be another species). I don't know, maybe they trying to the kids that they're nothing wrong with be a checkout worker. However, they're under ten, this is going to be some weird thing they did while they were in Primary, not a life lesson. 

Maybe I'm reading too much into this and it is just a really bad field trip.

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