Saturday, 11 May 2013

Sleep Now, Clean Later

So now that I no longer have to dance and sing every night, I've been very productive in every other field. I don't why I lie to you, you basically my diary (but not cause I write my dark stuff in Mikey and daily stuff in my dated diary) and I have a clear track on here as being a Procrastinator. I'm not sure what I meant by that opening sentence.

I've also been a Twenty for a week and I'm old.

I've began the process of tidying my room, actually began this process weeks ago. I got so annoyed by the state of bed tonight that I put the piles of clothes into binbags (just for now) so I could change it and fix the damn thing. My bed is actually broken, the wooded bars have became lose so fall out and some have basically snapped. I'm feeling a big mas reorganising coming this summer as soon as I'm done with college (which I need to catch up majorly).

Though, tidying of my room and making of mood boards has been heidence by illness. I just been really worned now lately. I been close to vomiting, always fun. Its the tiredness that really getting to me. I mean coughing and pain I can live with but wanting to sleep all the time, well it really wastes up a lot of time. I'll sleep for over 12 hours and still feel tired. It just so hard to get anything done or care about getting things done.

I mean, the only reason my bed finially got changed is because I live in my bed, its been bugging me for months and in state of tiredness I dumped everything off my bed and changed it only because I could literally not sleep in it in the state was in and I know most people would have got to that stage after the chocolate had melted between the sheets and mattress (the bottom sheet had came undone and it rolled under there and I never notice). When depressed and busy you really don't care.

Mentally I'm feeling better, I feel tired all the time but I don't want to sleep all the time, that just keeps happening. I've also started reading again, Oh and making Book Tubes videps. So I'm showing the signs of getting out of this cycle of depression.

See you next week, I'm off to read or sleep. Probably sleep.

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