Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Book Review: Dead Romantic by C.J. Skuse

Frankly, this book isn't going to win any awards for being of great literature value. It basically, a reworking of Frankenstein into a modern setting and shallow values.
Stitching dead bodies:try wool

Camille wants to find the perfect boy, with an athlete's body and a poet's brain. But when she's mocked at a college party, she kows there isn't a boy alive who'll ever measure up. Enter Zoe, her brilliant but strange best friend, who takes biology homework to a whole new level. She can create Camille's dream boy, Frankenstein-stylee. But can she make him love her?

Camile has loved anything dead and has kept dead things as pets her whole childhood (including her ran over cat). Camile meets a mysterious girl, Zoe in Graveyard filling in a grave and becomes obsessed with her(with brief thoughts of homosexuality). Camile actually switches subjects to be in the same class as the girl.

Turns out Zoe is collecting body parts, in attempt to make a boy and restore her father shattered reputation. Camile decides to help, mainly because she needs a date to the college Halloween party to make that shallow boy who dating her ex (apparently)best friend, jealous. Because who doesn't love a pig who offers to take your (and every girls' in college) virginity to get it over with.

Camile refers to the Experiment as the Dead Sexy Boy and so her annoyances really begins. Camile isn't the cleverest person but sometimes this got really unbelievable. I mean, Camile is smart enough to have passed her GSES however, claims not to know that a crowbar is an object, and not just the verb of "Crowbarring". I'm petty sure she says the same thing two other times (obviously about other words) and definitely within 20 pages says it again. We get it pretty clearly that Camile is the local idiot that likes dead things.

At one point, Camile thinks Zoe has started to kill people for parts when one of the friends she abandons at the beginning of the books goes missing with her boyfriend, for no real reason. Also she does nothing about this suspicion anyway.

Oh, yeah this is a romance, right? I think its meant to be... The romance is typical and boring. Frankly (I'm really loving that word in this review) in terms of relationships, Zoe and Camile was most interesting but I don't think either like each other that much. Camile loves dead things, Zoe makes dead things alive, they are the perfect pair.

To sum up its a good book for a light read. It was funny at points and tried too hard at others. The ending was bit too cliffhangie( also very cliché) for something that doesn't deserve a sequel. It bit too unbelievable and the characters got annoying. I enjoyed it, brief boredom aside that made me skim through the last chapters before going back and finishing it properly. I did enjoy it, but that's about it. The idea was overdone, the characters don't learn anything, repeating habits (except on a bigger scale). Read it if you're not in the mood to think too much or get too emotionally invested.

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