Sunday, 17 June 2012

Dreams are my friends (But not Fate's)

Hi losers, due to parking and writing for Camp NaNoWriMo, Oh and sleeping, did a lot of random sleeping today: been too busy to write my blog (or any writing today). So based on my sleeping (three separate times did I fall asleep today), I'm choosing to share with you lot, the excepts of some of the dream scenes in my Camp novel. These are all from the point of my MC Fate (No, not that Fate). These are basically my favourites.

Dream One: 
 I stare across the bridge, fear fills me, a black mass of smoke is all I can see. It moves swiftly towards me, I want to run. I can’t. I can move, but I can’t leave them. Who are they? I turn to my right, I can see a figure next me. I can tell it female, but I can’t see any of the details of her face. She familiar, I know her well. It’s a new friendship, but strong. I turn to smoke; it getting closer. I step away from it. I feel something grasp my left hand. I instantly look to the hand; I see two figures in front of me. They are distorted, the smoke consuming them. Suddenly, a piercing blue light reaches from the smoke. I realise they’re his eyes. My heart swells as I look into them. I breathe in, the smoke finally finding me. 

Dream Two (I think): 
I stand in a forest unfamiliar to me, I can hear water running. I walk towards the sound. The ground is soft and my feet slip into the mud. They’re bare and I can feel the blown slush between my toes. I’m suddenly at the water; it’s a small lake, it’s really only the river expanding before narrowing again. I’m suddenly, waist deep in it. Its dark and I can’t even see any part of myself that is immerged. I duck under it, I keeping my eyes open. The water has become clear; the stones at the bottom of late appeared to sparkle. My eyes are drawn to speck of gold on a rock and I reach out for it. My hand finds it quickly. I realise it’s not a stone, it something coated in dirt. I begin to rub at it. Abruptly, the light disappears and darkness grips me, taking the breath away from me. It’s like a physical being is compressing my chest. I begin to panic I can’t get away, I try to move but can’t. All at once, I feel someone grab me, under my arms and I’m out of the water. I realise I’m naked, I don’t care. He turns me around; I catch his blue eyes as they fill with shock before he pulls me behind him. I look through his shoulders as the darkness leaps from the water. Its heading towards me, but it has to stop. Because of him.
“Leave Now,” he shouts at me. I’m filled with the knowledge of how to. I close my eyes, turning the 
darkness into blackness.

Dream I lost count:
I’m walking in a field; the yellow glass reaches up my waist. The sky was white with a pale orange tone to it. The world seemed overly bright. I see him in the certain of the field; he stands dark against the light of the sky. I feel a smile spread across my face. I see one spread across his. I walk calmly towards him, but my heart is skipping.
I reach him where he greets with open arms. I go into them, allowing him to hold me. Both our chests are bare; his skin feels hot against mine. We pull apart, but remain touching. His hands remain on my waist. I looked to the warm blue of his eyes, filled with love.
I put my hand flat against his chest, feeling his heat beat steadily. I feel an odd rumble and the area round my hand shins gold.
I stick my hand into his chest and pulled out a gold heart. He smiles at me and leans into kiss me.

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