Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ben Affleck is next Batman (like it or not) a.k.a why I don't care if there is ever Live-Action Justice League film

So on Thrusday, like any swinging Twenty old (fuck...I'm old), I was fighting sleep while in bed so I could finish my dinner. I woke hours later to a dead laptop, the aptapter had once again had fell out. Once retiving the adptapter from the floor and I turned my laptop back on. I of course went streight on to Tumblr and on the Batman tag (as I have been craving Batman...and superman slash). I was greeted with the news that Ben Affleck was annonanced to be playing Batman in the next Superman film. I just shrugged, wrote a respondse of some sort -"Ben Affleck, can't be worse than Val Kilmer"-and went on my dash to tumblr bit.

Started to feel something simailar panic which I ignored, I went downstairs to get something to drink, stole a can off my dear mother. All the while flashes of Ben Aflleck appear in my brain, just absently trying to picture him as Batman. I couldn't really, so pushed that thought aside.I then came back up stairs and ate cold beans. Then panic came.

I know you shouldn't judge an actor until you see them in the role, but I just can't visualise him as Batman or Bruce Wayne at all. Some people seem able to do so, however I just don't think he has the right look for Bruce Wayne. Though, it said Batman apparently only going to be in the movie for twenty minutes so I really doult Bruce Wayne come into it much unless they have the whole bumping into each in their alterergos. It such a cliche but it one writers seem hard to fight going by offical stuff and fanfiction. Also I love the whole Batman and Superman hating each (at first) while Kent and Wayne lov- liking each other. Or maybe it just be Bruce Wayne on the cover of a newspaper.

I just can't see this going well and I can totally seeing Affleck doing a DareDevil and not I don't mean a bad performance. I actually like that film but I don't know maybe it went stupidly against the comics like the Catwoman did. Now that was a fucking weird (and just plain stupid at times) film. I mean Affleck desannoance that film because people didn't like it. You can't do that. Frankly, I think you should stand by your films. Affleck just seems like a bit of a dick as well. He just not very likable, a.k.a has no charm which is another reason he would make a bad Batman.

I don't know. I guess all this means that I'm not at all excited for the live action Superman/Batman action. I haven't actually seen the new Superman film, I was going to go see it at the cinema but ended up just not going. I'll buy it on DVD anyway where it can join my good Batman films (and Batman Forever). I know everyone wants a live action Justice Film, I just don't care about the live action. I like the DC animations, I mean DC cartoons are so much better than Marvel's. I generally don't like Marvel at all, I think they just make tons of films and a few evenually have to be discent. Also they just reboot everything: Spiderman and Hunk for example.

In fairness, DC/Warner Bros. have made questionable decision and have shot themselves in the foot a few times with their films. I mean trying to make Batman less dark is obvious a big one. Anyway not every Comic character needs a film. They need a TV series of some kind. Just look at Green Arrow.

Anyway, we all know the best Batman ever is Kevin Conroy.

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