Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Animaniacs (Sweet, Sweet Childhood Gold)

I recently stumbled on to something from my childhood and in true fangirl style, I sat and watched all the episodes off Youtube. Sure, if possible I would have brought the full boxset but Warner Bro. in the annoying attitude to their 90s cartoons have not released any of it at all the DVD in UK, yet it existences in such form in the states. So for now I make do with two volumes of Batman: The animated series and wait for other volumes of fine cartoons to be release my region.

Back to the much happier topic of the cartoons themselves. I fondly remember watching Animaniacs after school on BBC One children programming (which as of recently no longer exists).  I was wandering about Tumblr, like I normally do when Animaniacs related post appear and it put me in the mood to go listen to some of the Animaniacs songs on Youtube. For those unaware, one of the high lights of the Animanics being its songs.  I've had the theme song for one being stuck in my head. Though, for some reason when I sing it out loud the tune starts turn into a Fall Out Boy song. Not sure which one, but it sort of amuses for the moment.

The Animaniacs was show that several different stories in one episode and there 99 episodes. Mostly involved the Warner Brother and the Warner sister Dot. It also the launch the Pinky and the Brain that eventually got its own show and featured on shows the Executives had summoned from Hell so we won't talk about that.

There were several different recurring characters. Not all that I like, for examples I never got the Hippos, Chicken Boo or Buck and Mindy. The Good Feathers were alright sometimes. I just really the Warner Brothers and think that they probably could had a show just with them.  I also like the Good Idea, Bad Idea segment as well. Slappy the Squirrel is also very entertaining idea of an old Cartoon Stars.

Basically, I love it and you should all go watch it. It makes fun of its own network (I'm petty sure they do it before the Simpson does), the jokes are mature audience (some times adult), which one reason I probably liked it as kid. I've always hated shows that play dumb for kids. Kids are lot smarter than they get credit for and yes do like stupid stuff but so do you. Its a show that both kids and adults will enjoy and therefore stands the test of childhood. I hate when you go back to something you liked as a kid and its shit. This was and is still awesome.

It actually like a better Family Guy, in times of its songs and parodies and unlike Family Guy it doesn't become too idiotic and lazy. (I could rant how Family Guy should really just stop now.

The voice acting in is amazing as well, they basically have the best in the business for the time and there are a lot voices you should reconise (but only if you look at the credits cause otherwise you're have no clue).

That all I really wanted to say on the matter, it 20 year old show that I love and so should you. It also might explain where some of my humour came from but probably not. Anyway, I leave you with my favourite song from the whole show.

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