Saturday, 17 August 2013

Monster Uni. (that reminds me...)

Hello negated readers (if you were more vocal you might not be so negated), you might have notice post appearing/ed randomly. Is there a reason? Sort of. Is it a good one? Not really, but I honestly though it was Friday till I checked two weekdaily online comics and realise that they both hadn't uploaded. I lost a day, not sure where, if found please return to me. I think it was Thursday, not sure, but I have no memories of Thursday, or maybe I have memory of Friday.

So I saw Monster Univeristy today, it really puts you in the mood for starting uni and getting kicked out before the end of the year. What a shame I'm not starting Uni this year. Oh, well there always next year.
Seriously, though August has gotten a bit away from me and I need to start applying to UCAS and decided what courses I'm applying to. English, but tempted by film things such as script writing. I'll keep you sort of posted.

So back to film. Has anyone else noticed that Pixar have released two sequals that go with the current age of the group of the kids who first saw them. I mean Toy Story 3 was about leaving childhood and change with Andy going off to college (Though, I really don't understand why he had to clear out his room, is he now banned from the house all together now or something?). And now we have Monster Univeristy which is set in a Univeristy, amazingly. I mean I know people my actually age tend to be in their third or seconded year of Uni but still.

Have Pixar just decided to go with it. Should I expect a Toy Story 4 when I'm in my 30s about Andy's kids' toys or Monster Nursing Home when I'm 80. God, those would be terrible movies if they made them.

Monster Univesty was alright. It was watchable, like I'm not dying to see again but it not the worst pixar sequel I ever seen (that honour goes to Cars 2).

So I got thinking about some of the terrible Sequels that Disney have produce saddly in my life span. Not saying all Disney sequels are bad, but for God Sake there is a sequel to FUCKING BAMI. Just honesty, don't know why anyone would think that it would be a good idea to make sequels to classic Disney films. It like Disney built my childhood to then go on to destroy it, sequel by sequel. They've gotten slightly better, but there was a time where I wouldn't have been susprized if they made a sequel to the Swode and the Stone, I mean no one likes that movie but they just might have tried it. Here a list of Sequels that they had no right to attempt but did: Peter Pan (those Fucking terrible TinkerBell movies which in she can talk and voiced by Barbie, she completely out character, Tinkerbell is meant to be hot tempted and vain (also should have been dead by Peter Pan 2)), Junge Book, Clinderella (there's two by the way), Bami (just why?) and I'm sure there's more that I can't think of (thankfully). There are few sequels that are terrible but can be justified by the fact that it was the same people who made the Original that made them but they were still petty terrible, such as the Fox and the Hound 2.

To be honest they is some sequels I liked, such as the Beauty and the Beast ones. However, those films where made within a decade of the original film (I first watched them as a kid). I also liked the TV series such as Hercules,  Aladdin, and Little Mermaid. I even like the 101 Dalmatians one, but that was more a spin off the original film with four of the puppies being the stars.

If day comes that there ever a proper Snow White film(I think there was some terrible Disney Princess thing but we're just ignore that now or better yet Forever), just remember that Walt Disney did not think that was a good idea. The same man who annoyed the hell out of 101 Dalmatians' writer for a sequel to the original book she intentionally wrote a bad one so he would leave her alone. Which probably is a better (never read either books) sequel that most of the Disney film ones. I would just like Forever After to actually mean something again.

Whilst we talking about damaged childhood, I finished watching all 99 episodes of The Animaniacs as today, now I only need to watch the watch the movie for this return to my childhood to be complete. Though, if Warner Bros. would actually release The Animaniacs dvds over here (also finish Batman: The Animated series). I would be a happy girl and they would have my money. Till then I'm a Pirate (wrong yes, but its the only way I could re-watch them as they not on TV in the UK nor can I buy them dvd forms). I remember parts of it, not all. Maybe I'll finish re-visiting Batman: the Animated series. Probably catch up on my negated books. See ya next week (I promise).

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