Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Book Review: The Vintage Girl by Hester Browne

Reeling is a traumatic experience for every Scottish child.

When Evie Nicholson is asked to visit Kettlesheer Castle in Scotland to archive the family heirlooms, she jumps at the chance. Evie's passion for antiques means that, for her, the castle is a treasure trove of mysteries just waiting to be uncovered.

But in each heirloom lies a story, and in the course of her investigations Evie stumbles upon some long-buried family secrets. Add handsome, gloomy heir Robert McAndrew and a traditional candlelit gala to the mix, and Evie's heart is sent reeling with an enthusiasm that may just extend beyond the Kettlesheer silver...

To be honest I requested this book because it was meant to be set in Scotland, but sadly it turned out to be the bad side of Scotland. That’s right; once again its in the Borders. Besides having a bias against this part of my home country, there other issues about it being  set in Scotland.

For one thing a Full Scottish Breakfast is said to be Porridge, Black Pudding, Haggis and whatever the hell kippers are. I guess it could be have been in jest. But then there have a full English. Scots do not have full English. We have Full Scottish which is eggs, bacon, Tatty Scones, square sausages, normal sausages and sometimes Black Pudding and haggis. Sure, the big difference is the squareness of sausages and the tatty scones but tatty scones are the best thing in the world.

This is romance is bit er. Evie was rather annoying. I didn't really like her. None of the characters were that likable. Being obsessed with the past is bit old. It was enjoyable at parts and there were some nice scenes. I just think my issues with the settings overshadowed anything. There is some interesting family issues with both the main characters.

Overall, I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars for rooms of furniture. It was alright. I just don't think it was the right book for me. It more the sort of book if you know nothing about Scotland and just looking for a romance that features Castle-like-house and family scandals.

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