Saturday, 22 February 2014

I have a bed with no Mattrex

Haló peeps, so I've spent the pass two days building a bed. Yes, I finally got one. A few issues building it, so I couldn't recommend it. It's a lift bed from Argos. Certain screws just wouldn't go where they were meant to be go. There is literally two sticking out because we could not get them to go any further so we had to give up. Something is mainly attached to the bed by cellotype. Its not important part of bed so it should be fine. There also not a bottom in it because it impossible to build it with it in and it shit as it will take no weight.

The corner where went/desk briefly was.
I also moved a armchair upstairs into my bedroom. There is literally no floor space in my room at the moment. There should be some more once I've to sort out some the boxes and other stuff. That's a job for another a week because I'm not sure how to tackle it.

There is basically not going to be a lot of floor space in my room. It is something I have come to accept. Books and bed mean its not a thing I can have. Its the attic roof fault. I could have taller bookcases otherwise. I actually have a tall bookcase I've had since I was child but it was cut in half when we move. The chair was unnecessary but I wanted a chair in my room. I was expecting this fantasy to only happen once I go to uni and get a apartment. Maybe if we do ever do move. It getting up there was quite the challenge. My mum had to move stuff downstairs so we could fit it through. I also trapped in the corner and had to climb over it. We knocked several monster high dolls off my wardrobe.
What behind my bookcase looks like.

My desk was meant to be in the corner that the chair ended up. It has done a circle around my room and has ended up where it's started. It spent a few days right next to the window. I still need a computer chair though.

That all I've been really doing this past week. I know I lead a life of excitement.
There are pests behind my bookcases.

The chair that just fits.
Mandy inspecting the backs of my books.

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