Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's and Loving things.

So it was Saint Valentine's Day and I bet you all dying to know how it went with my imagery boyfriend. Well, Batman and Sherlock Holmes were both busy being gay with Superman and John Watson (can you believe that they all went on a Double date without me. I was the one who introduced them to each other).  Great, I've just gave myself another fict idea that I will never get around to writing but now I have a fun idea to think about. Is it weird that my imagery boyfriends have my boyfriends of their own in my mind?

Seriously, I don't really see Valentine's as a big deal. Even if I did have a special someone, whose was real, I doult I would want to do something special especially since every other couple seems to be out at the same time.  Wouldn't any gift you gave them be cheaped? Also Valentine's is meant to be when you confess your love? The person you're in a relationship hopefully already knows that love them. That said, I would totally accept any chocolate they want to give me. Especially if they brought it today cause it's probably on sale.

I spent most of the day in bed with my usual lover. Yes, my laptop who has a escaped a name unlike Gerard Arthur (my middle-aged typewriter remember). I think I might have once named it. Have no clue what it name was. Been playing Facebook games whilst listening to CreepyPasta. I even started writing one. Not sure if it will work out well. But it there.

I have also been visiting my mistress again. It mistress right now as I'm not meant to be buying books. I recently brought books off Waterstones not thinking they would be coming till April. Well, some of them came this week. So now I have packages awkwardly lying in a pile on bookcase waiting to be dealt with. It shouldn't be so hard to avoid buying books. Maybe if I get into my head that I actually have no money in my bank as I really have to save for Flordia especially since I got the weirdest letter off Income Support where my money randomly lowers for a week and then rises tiny bit the next.

 I've been feeling rather tired lately. I've been having issues with the course thing I'm on. Life is diffcult.

I'm hopefully going to be building my bed next week as I'm off offically and also getting armchair in my room which is something I thought would never happen. I have to get my room ready though. I'm also a bit panicked about my reviews as I need two up this Wed and I haven't read them yet. But hear I did finish a book series this week so that is something.

That's enough about my love life. I shall write to you next week (which will hopefully have two book reviews). Now I'm off to read like the wind.

I took photos of that fallen tree today.

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