Saturday, 1 February 2014

Flordia, Life and Book Related Plans.

I have some exciting news that Flordia is booked for October 2014. It definitely happening I will be leaving Scotland in October to experince a American Halloween and returning in Noveber to experince a Scottish winter. One of those is a lot funner than other. This course means that I will have to stop spending so much money on books which is something I should be doing anyway. But I'll need dollars to survile the states and there will be things I will want to buy over there.

Obviously, I will be going to Disney World and Wizarding World of Harry Potter expansion which expansion is going to be opened by the time we get there. Also I can get excited over Universal Halloween Horror Nights.  We going to for three weeks so does mean I'm going to have some stuff pre-written/filmed in case I don't have easy access to the internet. Just because I'm going on Holiday doesn't mean I can abandon my online duties. I'm petty sure no one would really notice but that's totally not the point. I got to stick of my goals and who knows I might even be head before that.

I've decided February is going to be active month of reviews. Every Wednesday will be having two review this month. I read two of the books that I planed to review; I've wrote one review and hoping to finish the other one tonight. I've started reading another ones. I was initially planning force myself to read the force myself to read the next two but I'm thinking of reading the next Vampire Academy series as I'm sort of in the mood for it and I have to eventually return the series to the library. I mean I don't want to kill myself over the reviews. If I do this I'll have reviewed all my review copy things that already out or coming out this month. There is one other book that I thought was going out this year but it was actually last year but doesn't really count as I got after I had came up with my review plan for this month. I also be one book ahead of my British Book Challenge goal of reading 50 British books and I have two weeks of leg room anyway.

I think I'm going to start doing Review Plans every month. I think it good idea cause then it won't be panicked that I'm not on top of netgalley or my book challenges. I would just like to be more organised this year in general.

My new bed came on Tuesday and my room is still not ready. There also talk of wallpapering the Wall of Damp that would be near impossible to do with the new bed built. I got to move the chest thing out of there. I've been told to just dump in my brother's room. I'm hoping to do it tomorrow, well not hoping as I really have to do.

I started a hospitality course thing that will hopefully lead to a job. I'm not really liking the course so far and it doesn't help that some of the people on it seem to think it possible to get lunch in half a hour. The more I think about it, the more I realise that I really wouldn't like a full-time job due to how much it would limit some of my plans. It would be good to have a full time job during the summer (a.k.a seasonal work). However, I'm meant to be building up a film portfolio so will I have enough time for life this summer. I'm going to be a proper student again soon (hopefully) so I won't be able to have a full time job anyway. I just feel sort of anxious of the idea going off my carer's allowance. I might not even get job so no point of thinking about it at the moment.

I guess I just like to panic myself for no real reason. That all I've got to say this week so see you in the next.

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