Saturday, 10 January 2015

15 Things to Strive for in 2015.

Haló guys, so I've went back to college. I have wasted a lot of time doing nothing and deciding to go on a unscheduled. reading spree which somewhats make up for the fact that I have brought so many books off the internet. You would think the fact that I own 453 books that I hadn't read at the beginning of the year would be enough to stop me buying books that I won't get around to reading for a while. While=years. I also went to the library on Thursday and got last book in two series so I can finished them so I can say I've finished three series this year which will understand why once we get to the real point of this blog. The fun part of this story that turns out that the Librarian never actually checked out to me so they have books unaccounted for and I'm not sure how to bring it up to them. My mum suggest I just keep them which I shan't be doing as it wrong to abuse the library even they make dumb mistakes and book buying choices are terrible.

this week we will be discussing my goals and hopes for this year.
  1.  Read 60 books. I have in the past three years read at least hundred books but as I' going to uni (fingers-crossed) this year and have exams that I would like As in, I don't want to stress myself about reaching my book goal. This is more a estimation of what I'm realistically likely to read this year. If I go over that whilst my studies not suffering great.
  2. To finally catch on my book reviews and stop requesting books that I don't time to read. I'm sitting on a lot of my books that I need to read and dumb amount that I've already read. I feel deep guilt about it. I still request books for the sake of it sometimes and that has to stop. It be great to have done this before the end of summer. I'm still going to request books, but I'm going to request books that I would choose to buy if I had limited funds for books as I have limit time for book reading.
  3. I would like my To Be Read pile to go down as it now sits at 519 books. I counted them when I reorganised my bookcases. That's ridicules. For the books I do read this year, I want at least half of them to have been ones I owned at the start of the year. I tried the Mount TBR challenge last year but I didn't like that and none of the Mountains match up with my 30 book goal for this (though hopefully more).
  4. In the same spirit I want to majorly cut back on the books I buy. I have slowed down a bit but I could, should do better. Maybe something along the lines of not a buying a book till I've took so many out my TBR or if there room for it on my TBR shelves but that's harder to quantify considering book sizes vary and might cause stupid behavour of buying the smallest books I own.
  5. I would like finished reading/catch-up on 10 book series especially since I have 51 full series in my possession and I have only completed 18 series where I own at least one book in the series. I clearly have book buying problem. We should ignore how many of the series ain't been finished and are over five books long.
  6. To save money. I waste a lot of money and with going to uni, it would be great to have some money put aside.
  7. 6.To get a job this summer. Once I've taken my exams I would like to make as much money as possible because going to uni is going to be expensive. Also I would like to have had a job before I go to uni.
  8. To pass my driving test as I now have a grant for it. I just have to pass my theory test to get it which is really annoy as its the hazard I failed and the best where to get better at that is to actually drive.
  9. To write creatively more and post it on this blog. I would really like this blog to become heavy pre-written posts with me just going in slightly to give a quick life update or anecdote of the week if something interesting has happen. I want to pushed myself to be write short stories again with a ending.
  10. To finished a first draft of The Stranger. This has became more of a life goal. I just want this finished, I want the middle to finally meet the end. I'm sick of knowing the ending without knowing how we get there. 
  11. To As in the Highers I'm study or at least put my best effort into doing it. I don't want to regret not putting myself fully into it.
  12. To stop procrastinating. I'm terrible for it and I'm so sick of wasting time. I want to do so much and I have to start doing it.
  13. Exercise and eat less junk. Basically, I'm unfit and gained weight. I would like to lose said weight because I don't want to buy new clothes and carrying all my weight in my legs is annoying. Also got to be able to run once that Zombie Apocalypse hits.
  14. This one is kinda sad but true. Talk to people, make friends and don't be in my shell so much. I've got better but I still don't really talk to people.
  15. To put together a good portfolio together in less than month's time.

With that last goal, I'm out of here to watch the last part of the Hobbit Trilogy in a theater.

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