Saturday, 3 January 2015

How 2014 went?

 So we have started a new year and BBC Hogmanay was as terrible as always even with having Twin Atlantic being a main feature. My siblings gave me money and nail polish set. The nail polish while cool was a surprise because I complain about polish more I than wear nail polish that isn't chiped black. My sister once again drank a bottle of Captain Jack Strawberry & Cream.

So lets go over last year goals in all it glory. So there were:
  1. Read 100 books.
  2. I want to finish writing The Stranger.
  3. To continue with this weekly blog. Maybe even to have blog main topics pre-written and thought out more.
  4. I think maybe focusing more on Creative Writing.
  5. Start keeping a diary every day better than I did last year.
  6. To pass my driving tests.
  7. To write Personal Statement and applied to UCAS (University).
  8. To do filming this summer so I have a good portfolio of stuff and not just use something because it all I've got.
  9. To do well in my studies of all sort.
  10. To get a job.
  11. To read 50 books by British Authors
  12. To read 60 books from existing book pile. 
  13. To finish ten book series. 
I accomplished my first goal by reading 113 books this year. So that was easily.
I have not finished The Stranger but I do know where it going. I'm wondering if I give it a rest for while because I'm just not happy with it in current form. It needs edited badly but I also would really like a finished draft before I tear apart what's there. So once again, not finished.
Thirdly, this blog is still a live but I backtracked a lot of posts and I don't want to do. I've actually felt rather overwhelm with this blog a little bit. But then again that mostly the book reviews that stress me out since I blank on my opinion a lot because I don't take notes and sometimes take months after reading a book to actually get around to writing the review. There was no pre-written despite my many plans.

My creative writing while worked on, nothing was finish so I have nothing to show which sucks and my diary keeping was no better.

I have failed a theory test, my UCAS is yet to be sent and my portfolio is about to be edited in a panic. But hey I did do a lot of filming. I'm behind in studios and I have yet to pass a nab. Fun.

I decided not to get job, till this summer as I felt I would rather focus on my study and it was awkward with me disappearing for three weeks and starting college.

My more general books were mostly not done officially. I read 41 books by British Authors which probably means that the Americans still out rank the Brits. I still did pretty well as for the Mount TBR Challenge that was a complete fail with me only reading 19 books that I owned before 2014 occurred. Though, I did read a few of the books I brought this year. I finished 8 series this year so while not great is still pretty good. I'll do better next year. I mean I have already started and finished a whole series this year.

So mostly fail when it came to my goals, but I never gave up up on any of them and that's the important part. Important to keep pushing yourself till you get the goals you miss. I shall see you next week with a pre-written post about this year's goals.

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